10 ways a structured start will increase your happiness

10 ways a structured start will increase your happiness

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  • Plus, we spoke with personal trainer Stef Williams about how a more structured morning routine improved her mental and physical health.

    It’s dark outside, you’re freezing and really, Really can’t be bothered to get out of bed. Sounds familiar? If your morning routine has gone out the window this year, don’t worry: you’re not alone. A study of 2,000 adults found that more than half of adults go outside less in the winter months due to cold, wet weather and a lack of natural light.

    That said, another study found that following a regular, consistent morning routine can not only increase your productivity, but also act as a form of mental health support. Do you like the sound of that? Yes, us too, that’s why we have spoken with the personal trainer and founder of Sefi, Stef Williams, to pick your brain on how you start your days. She is a self-confessed fan of the morning routine and here she shares her best tips for creating your own.

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    Morning routine: your guide to shaping a start that works for you

    What is a morning routine?

    Good question. According to Williams, a morning routine is a set order of events that you do every morning to start your day. We’re largely creatures of habit, and research has shown that an established morning routine can do everything from improve your mental health to increase your productivity levels.

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    “It’s about preparing for the day so you can be clear and organized, and it should include taking small steps that make you feel good,” he shares. “Personally, I think it’s important to have a quiet moment, the calm before the storm, without your phone and with yourself before the day starts properly.”

    A routine can be important for any number of reasons: as Williams says, to take a moment for yourself before a busy day at work, to have some productive time outside of work hours, or simply as a way to develop healthy habits.

    “It helps you develop a discipline that you can then apply to all aspects of your life,” he continues. The logic is that even if you can stick to a morning routine, even if it’s really dark and cold and horrible outside and you’re Really without feeling it, then you will be able to conquer anything.

    Stef’s morning routine

    The PT explains that for her the structure is very important. “Making a positive change in my routine has a huge impact not only on my day, but also on my week, and on my life as well,” she explains.

    1. Lemon water

    “I love to start the morning with a little lemon water,” he shares. It’s as simple as putting a few slices of lemon in a cup of hot water. Enjoy.

    2. Skin care

    Followed by a quick wash and cleanse of the face.

    3. Gratitude Journal

    “I love working on my gratitude journal,” she continues. You want to try? Our guide to the best wellness planners is a good start.

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    4. Write a to-do list for the day

    “Having two teams at SEFI and WeGLOW, my new sportswear brand and fitness app, means taking time early in the morning to get organized is crucial,” she shares.

    5. Movement

    Following? Movement in some form, either weight training or walking. “I like to make time in the morning to move around before the day gets too busy,” she explains. “Usually I do a workout or challenge from my app or if I have a little more time I go for a walk.”

    10 easy morning routine ideas

    Now that you’ve read what Williams does every morning, are you interested in creating your own morning routine? Use the following as guidelines and remember, not everything will work for you. Just be flexible in crafting what you do.

    • hydrate with water
    • Prepare a hot drink, be it coffee, tea or hot lemon water
    • Disconnect from your phone for a set period of time before starting the day
    • Dance to your favorite song
    • Write a to-do list
    • Write a list of gratitude, that is, what makes you feel happy and good about yourself.
    • Try a little movement
    • Have a good bath or shower
    • Practice a skin care routine
    • Eat healthy foods that you enjoy
    • Wear something that makes you feel good.

    Our self-care ideas can help, too.

    Morning routine: hot lemon

    I find the idea of ​​a morning routine challenging. Help!

    So, are you looking for a tip for people who find it hard to stick to a routine? You’re in the right place, but remember, what works for you won’t work for the next person. Everyone is different.

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    Williams’ advice? Don’t be too strict or unrealistic. “Start by adding one thing at a time and see if you can stick with it for a few weeks,” he shares. “Once you’ve ingrained that new habit, add the next one. Make changes that you really enjoy, because then it will be more likely to stick.”

    “I firmly believe in listening to your body. Sometimes your morning routine is to stay in bed because your body needs to rest and relax,” she shares.

    “We’re all so different – some people aren’t really early risers, but because structure is so important, maybe those people would work better with an evening routine that helps them relax and get organized before the next day,” she continues. .

    Remember this: things take time. “If you don’t see a difference in a week, don’t give up on the process, try to hang on,” he shares. “The same goes for any goal, like going to the gym: you can’t see progress in a day, it takes months and sometimes years.”

    Any positive change should be seen as a way of life and not a short-term solution. It sounds simplistic, but consistency is key, and as long as setbacks don’t bring you to a complete halt, it’s never too late to reset and start over.

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