Andy Cohen Teases 'RHOBH' Season 12 Reunion Will Be a 'Bombshell'

Andy Cohen Teases ‘RHOBH’ Season 12 Reunion Will Be a ‘Bombshell’

Mentioning it all! Andy Cohen teased what’s in store for next Real Housewives of Beverly Hills meeting, and it looks like drama is brewing.

“How do we think it goes, ladies?” Cohen, 54, asked the cast of the hit series Bravo through his Instagram story during the season 12 reunion taping on Friday, September 9. In response, kyle richards he sarcastically joked, “I feel like it’s going fantastic. Beautifully Andy, as expected.”

the See what happens live The host then shared that “a bomb” had already been dropped shortly after the day’s events. “A mystery I didn’t even know existed has been solved,” he revealed.

Cohen’s social media sneak peek comes hours after a source exclusively told him us weekly that cast member Diana Jenkins would not attend the meeting in person after testing positive for the coronavirus. Instead, she is set to make a virtual appearance.

“Diana Jenkins has COVID with symptoms and is under a doctor’s care,” the source revealed. “She will be participating in the reunion show via Zoom to protect herself, her co-stars, and the crew.”

Diana Jenkins at the 86th Annual Academy Awards Oscars, 2014. Jim Smeal/EIB/Shutterstock

Jenkins, 49, made headlines on Wednesday, September 7, for donating $100,000 to the families of victims involved in a 2018 Lion Air plane crash. The newcomer hinted at the time that her decision came after her co-star. Erika Jayne was named in a fraud lawsuit related to the accident.

“I wasn’t aware of this tragedy until it became a talking point on RHOBH. I have so much sympathy for the widows and orphans left behind.” Jenkins wrote via Instagram at the time. “I know firsthand the pain and suffering that comes with losing a family member, having lost my brother in the final days of the Bosnian War. I want to do what he can to support those people who suffered so much.”

Jenkins noted that he will be making the donation through his new charity, The Sunela Foundation, a nonprofit partnering with GVNG to help raise funds for various causes.

Before the natives of Bosnia RHOBH debut, Jayne, 51, made headlines after she filed for divorce from tom giradi after 21 years of marriage. In December 2021, the two were charged with embezzling $2 million in settlement funds from the families of the Lion Air Flight 610 victims.

Documents obtained by U.S at the time stated that Jayne was being sued by class action firm Edelson PC, who claimed that Jayne’s divorce from Girardi, 83, was a “false attempt to fraudulently protect” her assets and that the duo were “on the verge of financial collapse”. ”

In January 2022, complaints against Jayne on charges of fraud and embezzlement were dismissed in Illinois.

“Pursuant to the stipulation, plaintiff’s claims against defendants EJ Global LLC and Erika Girardi are dismissed without prejudice and without cost,” according to court papers filed in the Northern District of Illinois, obtained by Us.

the chicago The interpreter, for her part, has continued to maintain her innocence in the midst of legal problems.

“I’m the face of this instead of the lawyers who worked at the firm and the referral lawyers and, you know, the people who fund the law; instead they point the finger at me,” she exclusively said. U.S In May. “For my mental health, it has been hard. No doubt. But then again, I couldn’t lose and I was going to fight in every possible way and I still do.”

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