Antonio Brown sued for allegedly selling a fake watch

Antonio Brown sued for allegedly selling a fake watch

According to sportsMr. Put It On, better known as Antonio Brown, is being sued for allegedly selling someone a fake Richard Mille watch for $150,000.

Documents obtained by the site, the watch was purchased by Ryan Kane in July and is worth $400,000.

In the suit, obtained by sportsKane says he was assured by Brown that the watch, purportedly a model RM 011, was real…and said it was worth “in excess of $400,000.”

After the purchase, Kane took the watch to an appraiser and found it to be a fake.

Kane says in the suit that he took it to a watch appraiser to have it authenticated and appraised for insurance purposes, but claims the guy gave him some bad news while he was there…it was only worth a couple of hundred dollars.

Kane said he discovered that Brown bought three other fake watches in Dubai for less than $500 each, TMZ Sports reports.

AB headlines lately

The free agent also made headlines last week after video surfaced of the football player in a pool showing off his manhood.

early saturday, anthony brown It quickly started trending after a video showed her bottomless while in a hotel pool. In the video, she could be seen sticking her butt into a woman’s face and soon after, she also exposed her manhood.

The Post reports that a hotel staff member who requested anonymity said he had received complaints about AB and his behavior, and shortly after the pool incident, he was asked to leave. Some of the complaints about him also included guests alleging that he was ignoring the UAE dress code customs by showing his bare chest to guests inside the hotel. The smell of marijuana was also believed to be coming from his room, which is against UAE law.

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AB took to Twitter and stated:

Roomies, what do you think of this?

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