'Barbarian' Leads 2nd Lowest Weekend Of 2022 - Deadline

‘Barbarian’ Leads 2nd Lowest Weekend Of 2022 – Deadline

SUNDAY AM UPDATE: Good word of mouth has led to Disney/20th Century Studios/New Regency’s Barbarian to get higher than expected in $10 million; same for your Star Studios’ Brahmastra part one: Shiva which is at the high end of their estimates in $4.4 million at No. 2. Disney will report their official numbers soon. The original range of Brahmastra it went from $2 million to $4 million. That photo’s opening is the fourth highest in America for a Bollywood title.

Hope here for studios on a horror title like Barbarian it is at least a 3x multiple of its opening at this point in the pandemic; or at least close to that number. Scream Y The invitation tracked at a 2.7 (latest follows with a running total of $18.8M), while bodies bodies bodies of its $3.1 million wide opening is currently at $11.1 million. What has amazed many (but again you have to spend money to make money) is how Universal/Blumhouse the black phone he’s scared off a 3.8 multiple of his terrific opening of $23.6 million for a current domestic take of $89.7 million. Terror does work and continues to be a bet of the studios on the big screen; unlike most sitcoms where most studios have lost faith and left it to the streamers. I’ve been told to look at the second weekend decline in Barbarian; it might be smoother than your average slasher (-60% to -65%).

It is interesting to note that RelishMix shows more traction on social media for Brahmastra part one: Shiva that Barbarian. The analytics body couldn’t get a pulse of social media reach on the starring horror title It’sIt’s Bill Skarsgard, but timed Brahmastra to nearly 800 million on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and TikTok. That number includes the 13.7 million from Star Studios and Sony Music in India, which is pushing the film closer to 58 million. “The cast is well turned on at 245.2 million, while content load and post cadence are at high levels on social media in the superhero movie range,” RelishMix reports. The statistics “are exceptional due to the strong momentum of paid campaigns on YouTube.”

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the king woman
three stars

Despite the superscript Barbarian Y brahmastra, remains the second worst weekend of 2022 with an estimated $42.3 million. Hopefully these great reviews for TriStar’s the king woman outside of the Toronto International Film Festival (currently 100% off 20 reviews) will ship it well above its expected $13M-$16M start next Friday. Already the heat of the New Line tabloid press directed by Olivia Wilde; Florence Pugh-Harry Styles-Chris Pine starring do not worry honey has that movie, now at 42% on Rotten Tomatoes, hovering around a $20 million start, and that picture doesn’t open until September 23.

We will publish the graph when the official estimates of the study arrive.

SATURDAY AM UPDATE: With the departure of New Line from the adaptation of Stephen King salem lot In what has been a lucrative post-Labor Day weekend before the pandemic, Disney swooped in and booked its horror title from 20th Century Studios. Barbarian. That photo, directed and written by Zach Cregger, follows a woman who stays at an Airbnb and discovers that the house she has rented is not what it seems. The film grossed $3.8 million on Friday (including $850,000 previews on Thursday nights) and is ready to flip $9 millionpossibly double digits at 2,340 theaters.

Why did Disney keep this movie in theaters instead of sending it to Hulu? They were blown away by the test scores and knew the critics would love it too (they rated it a 92% certified on Rotten Tomatoes) and rolled the dice. We punched Sony in the nose two weeks ago for not falling behind The invitationwho saw a $6.8 million (and a current total of $18.6 million. However, the situation with horror movies more often than not is that studios lean on P&A on their spending on these titles (less than $20 million) in search of If there isn’t great heat in the walk-up, they don’t spend With this movie, Disney hopes to capitalize on word of mouth with Barbarian. Tonight will determine if Barbarian tips north of $10 million. Audience scores are not as good as critical scores with a 70% positive on Comscore/Screen Engine PostTrak with a 54% recommendation and a C+ CinemaScore. Boys entered the title rated R at 59% with 74% between 18 and 34 years old. The diversity mix was 45% Caucasian, 25% Latino and Hispanic, 16% Black, and 14% Asian/Other. Barbarian he had most of his dollars on the coasts and in the Southwest. The top ten theaters were in New York and Los Angeles, with PLFs generating a third of non-Imax ticket sales.

Brahmastra part one: Shiva

star fox

Meanwhile, Disney’s star studiosBrahmastra part one: Shiva, which I was told is similar to a Marvel movie in India, is booked in 810 theaters in 172 markets and is $1.9 million today (including $700K Thursday night previews that started at 5pm) and 3 days of $3.5 million a $4.5 million. PostTrak is 70% positive and 60% recommended. The prints were in Hindi, Malayalam, Telugu and Tamil. Boys attended 55%, 71% aged 18-34, with Asian and other audiences turning up at a massive 88%. The Northeast and Canada saw the most business with nine of the top ten races. Strong ticket sales in New York, Chicago, Dallas, San Francisco, Seattle, Boston and Austin, with Toronto and Vancouver also delivering.

Also opening in the top 10 is Fathom’s mark of life in 1,560 theaters, which is a Kirk Cameron faith-based film from director Kevin Peeples. Loglin: David’s comfortable world is turned upside down when his birth mother unexpectedly reaches out to him, longing to meet the 18-year-old son she’s only held in her arms once. Decent racing here in Dallas, Atlanta, Houston, Phoenix, Charlotte, Nashville, Kansas City, San Antonio for a $855K Friday and an estimated 3 days of $2.2 million.

Still in the low single digits on these new releases, the weekend is estimated at $39.9 million for all movies, which will end up as the second-lowest-grossing weekend of 2022 to date after the 28th-30th. January, which only produced $34.9 million.

We will have more updates for you soon.

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