Beauty Business News Jan 2022

Beauty Business News Jan 2022

[affiliate used] Rumors that Marc Jacobs Beauty would be leaving the UK had been circulating since the middle of last year, but it turns out Kendo (the owner of the brand) hasn’t renewed its license with Marc Jacobs and the brand has disappeared altogether. If you’re in the US, never-released lollipops are floating around at TJ Maxx (the US counterpart of TK Maxx in the UK). Interestingly, Kendo has kept the beauty of KVD (I don’t know of anyone actively looking for that brand here in the UK) and brought in Lip Lab, which is an interesting development.

Lip Lab is Bite Beauty’s (also Kendo) customizable retail offering where you can choose your own finish, color, texture, and scent. Prescriptive again in other words and how ELC must be kicking itself. I guess they have the power to bring him back. I predict a rise in customizable beauty, but gaining traction at community levels, like parties and make-your-own-lipstick courses. In fact, I’m going to a course next week. YSL Rouge Sur Mesure is the new at-home lipstick shade maker HERE.

HoF on Oxford Street is in its last week before closing completely. The sight is unsettling: brands that haven’t gotten their stock back (for whatever reason) are piled up (Shiseido, Clarins, and Clinique mostly) on the ground floor in messy heaps with hand-drawn 50% off signs. If you are going to close a store, do it with dignity and respect. Everyone understands the closing of the discounts, but this was more like picking dirty bones. More closures are scheduled across the country: a heritage building is (physically) disintegrating due to what appears to be poor maintenance management, so it will be interesting to see what exact reasons are given for the inevitable closure.

Does everyone remember Jeanine Lobell? Founder of Stila (1994) when it was fun and exciting before selling it to Lauder, who then sold it? Well, she’s back with a new brand, Neen (her nickname). Before we get too excited, it’s working on a subscription model (like Beauty Pie) and will start in the US in February.

E45 has been sold by Reckitt Benckiser for £200 to the Swedish corporation Karo Pharma. They own Footner and Nailner (plus Fungobase, Poxlciin and Wortie, among others, which sound intriguing) and acquired Scholl foot care last year.

It’s not beauty yet, but it’s so transferable from fashion that I think it soon will be, but keep an eye out for the British brand’s Heat Mystery Boxes. HERE, with start-up financing from LVMH. There are monthly fashion picks with boxes shipping to the US, EU and UK; the “mystery” is that you get what they send, not what you choose, although there are parameters of choice within that. It’s so easily transferable to beauty (see Mystery Box MAC deal for £35 HERE) that startups must be stampeding to compete. Basically, mystery boxes are the new beauty boxes.

P&G buys back. Having recently acquired Ouai Hair Care, they are rumored to be about to buy New York brand Tula Beauty which focuses on the skin biome. P&G also owns SK-II and had forgotten that brand existed.

Of all the surprise news you weren’t expecting, the fact that L’Occitane has invested in lingerie ranks high. L’Occitane is much more than just pretty French skincare these days: They opened their start-up studio (venture capital) Obratori in 2018. Looking at previous investments, they’re very excited about algae. Lolo Paris is lingerie for ‘digital natives’, at which point I’d tune out, but she looks absolutely lovely (HERE) with a comprehensive ‘morphology’ quiz to help you choose.

Sources and resources: world water day, Global Cosmetics News, Reuters.

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