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Best Blackhead Remover Vacuum Pore Cleaner

What are Blackheads?

Blackheads are the dirt particles that sit on the open pores of oily skin. These particles become strong with the time and turn into a particle like hair folic. This is a common problem, which often everyone faces in life,  But most people don’t know the exact reason behind these blackheads, why these blackheads get on the face and make them look ugly. Blackheads can occur anywhere in the body but they love to occupy the nose in most of the body.

Why Blackheads Occur?

Most people use face wash in the morning for a fresh face and leave it as it without applying any kind of moisturizer or any sunscreen lotion and they go outside. facewash only cleans the upper layer of skin by opening the skin pores and removing the dirt particles out of it. those open pores are then left open. When you travel outside dirt particles get stuck on them which took the shape of blackheads.

How to Avoid Blackheads?

These days many items like a charcoal mask and other face masks are available which guarantee the removal of blackheads and other dead skin particles. It removes blackheads and others dead skin along with the protective layer of our face,  So we should not get tempted to these masks or any peel mask like this. You can use these blackhead removal mask or blackhead removal face wash to remove it but after that, you should close the opened pores left. In order to protect the skin from gaining blackheads again, you need to apply any face pack or pore closing cream or mask.

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  • To completely avoid blackheads and dust particles to get stick to our skin, you should use the facewash at night. You can leave the face without applying any extra cream or lotion so that your skin rejuvenate at night. you can apply any skin rejuvenating cream if you are above 35.
  • You can apply the gel on the face at night and wash it in the morning. if you feel dry somewhere. This gel layer will give you a fresh look in the morning.
  • It is important to cover the sensitive layer of our face with sunscreen from outside dust and sunrays. We should not go out,  just after applying sunscreen immediately. It should be applied half an hour before going so that it can completely merge with the skin layer.
  • Alteast Make sure your care your skin cells properly.
Blackhead Remover Electric Facial Pore Cleaner with 4...
  • 4 MULTI-FUNCTIONAL PROBES - Includes 1 x big round probe to remove blackhead, 1 x small round probe for soothing sensitive skin, 1 x oval probe to reduce wrinkles and 1 x big round thick probe to exfoliate dead skin and calluses.
  • 4 ADJUSTABLE STRENGTH LEVEL DISPLAY – Comes with 4 adjustable suction pressure intensity levels of green, blue-violet, red and yellow to easily clean large oil pores, completely remove blackheads and reduce wrinkles.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT, RECHARGEABLE AND PORTABLE – This blackhead remover is extremely lightweight and portable enabling you to easily take it with you to spas, beauty palors or for use at home. Built-in USB rechargeable lithium battery lasts over an hour on a full charge.
  • 【Why Choose Us】Our blackhead remover with 24 hours professional service center, 30 days full refund, 24 months warranty and 365 days technical support. Welcome to contact us anytime if you get any problems with the blackhead pore remover tool. Note: Please use it on your hands to know the suitable suction before using on your face.
Blackhead Remover Vacuum, POPPYO Blackhead Pore Vacuum,...
  • Effective Pore Vacuum Beauty Tool. This blackhead remover beauty tool can remove blackhead effectively, help us get rid of blackheads, whiteheads.
  • Blackhead & Blemish Removers. Electric Blackhead remover vacuum can remove acne or blemish on your nose. Powerful blackhead remover, appropriately pore vacuum level power from level 1 to level 5, meeting different skin needs.
  • Practical Skin Care Beauty Tool. Our blackhead remover vacuum is a practical beauty tools to remove blackheads, acne, and various blemishes. Included a set of pimple tools and Manual usage makes removing blackhead more easily.
  • Fashionable Design. Our blackhead remover has 4 replaceable blackhead vacuum remover heads, which suit for different facial part and skin type. USB rechargeable blackhead vacuum provides LED digital display for showing suction power level, which is easy to operate the face blackhead remover
  • Pore Vacuum Tool. Our pore vacuum remover is safer and more effective. Made of reliable ABS material, CE, ROHS certificated to ensure you feel assured during using our pore vacuum extractor.
Blackhead Remover Vacuum, Pore Cleaner Electric Facial...
  • Clean Your Skin Deeply - Utilizing innovative techniques, blackhead remover vacuum will clean your skin from deep within and get rid of the stubborn whiteheads and blackheads. This blackhead remover will also firm your skin and smooth out your wrinkles. It is perfect for oily or acne-prone skin and also clears up the dead skin. Apart from using it to remove blackheads, you can also put it to work for removing make-up and oil residues.
  • 5 Adjusting Suction And 4 Different Heads - This blackhead remover vacuum has 5 adjustable suction force to meet different facial skin type. Level 1 is for sensitive and dry skin, level 2-3 are for neutral skin, level 4-5 are for mixed and oily skin. Pore vacuum comes with 4 detachable suction heads which allow you to use ideal one for your skin condition. Thereby it is outstanding for chin, cheek, nose and other delicate areas.
  • Led Display And Usb Charger - With a compact design and display integrated into the blackhead removal device, it is much easier to operate. You can get how much battery life is left, and the level you selected. This pore cleanser also has a USB charging port. The ergonomic design makes it easy and comfortable to hold.
  • How To Use - Before using this pore vacuum, please try to open up your facial pores with hot towel or steam; With reasonable suction level, do not suck in a fixed place more than 3 seconds, you have to move the suction head from the top to down (contrary to the direction of pores growth) and do not move back and forth, just moving in one direction; After using blackhead remover, please use cold water or mask restore the treated pore.
  • 100% Safe - Use it on your hands to know the suitable suction before using on your face. Choose the right force level and probes based on your skin condition. With a reasonable suction level, do not suck in a fixed place more than 3 seconds.
Blackhead Remover Pore Vacuum Extractor
  • Upgrade Pore Vacuum: Professional blackhead remover has one-key button design for 3 suction level design. Selecting the proper force to test it on hand. Blackhead remover uses vacuum absorption technique for sucking out the blackheads, whitehead, acne, dead skin, make-up residue and pimple without hurting the skin.
  • Portable Charging Base: The charging case bottom box can be directly connected to the computer by USB port, suitable for putting in the dry place of toilet and messy makeup table.
  • Cleaning Your Skin: Acne remover, Facial treatment, Facial Massage. Break out of skin problems,and get your baby skin back without hesitation. After using the blackhead remover, you’d better clean the face by cold water to close the pore.
  • Specially Treat Stubborn Blackhead: Remove dead skin, oil and make-up residue, smooth out wrinkles and firm the skin. It is safer and more effective than traditional facial cleaning method without any chemicals that are toxic and harmful.
  • Safety and Reliable: FDA certificated to ensure you feel assured during using our blackhead remover pore vacuum extractor. Best gift for a friend.

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