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7 Best Body Spray for men

Fragrance is the first layer of your body dressing. It is the first impression you make about yourself while meeting someone. But it is not easy to choose your scented slogans to the World. 

Sweating is natural. Majority of people sweat. Sweat may lead to body odor irrespective of the volume of sweat. Thus, men need something to fight with this body odor. This is why body spray are so popular. Body spray has similar functionality to that of deodorant.

Finding the best body spray for men can be a tedious job. This is because there are so many products floating in the market. If you are searching one then you are at the right destination. We have sorted a list of some of the best body spray for men available in the market.We have also mentioned a list of factors which you can consider before buying a body spray for men.

List Of Top 7 Best Smelling Body Spray For Men

AXE Body Spray

AXE is a very popular and trusted brand in men’s personal care products. AXE body sprays are the best male body sprays. They stand first in our men’s body spray reviews.  Experience the AXE effect for sexy man body, by their top AXE body sprays. All of them comes into 4 ounce in quantity with attractive and easy to use packaging. You just need to grab the one of the following AXE body spray for men. Twist the top to access the button and nozzle. Spray over your chest in the shape of a “7” only long enough to say the word “AXE”. AXE body spray scent list is as follows.

AXE Deodorant Body Spray Dark Temptation

best body spray for men

This best smelling AXE spray is part of the Dark Temptation Men’s grooming range from AXE. Its fragrance has a unique blend of chocolate with Amber and red peppercorns. The sweet and woodsy smell will turn the heads for you.

  • Sweet fragrance
  • Works well only in few sprays
  • Odor protection
  • Dries quickly
  • Flammable until fully dry

AXE Body Spray Dark Temptation, International Version, 150...
  • Axe Dark Temptation Deodorant Body Spray - 6 unit
  • Science shows that Axe's improved fragrance acts upon the female libido and stimulates the clothing-removal section of the female brain. Which means, you can fulfill more of your manly desires.
  • One application of the new improved Axe and you'll smell like a hunk of man candy all day long
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AXE Kilo Deodorant Body Spray For Men

best body spray for men

This AXE men sprays are from AXE masculine male grooming range Kilo. It has a refreshing combination of coconut, caramel and hazelnut in its unique fragrance. It is an all-over deodorant body spray which protects against wetness and odour.  

  • Long lasting fragrance
  • Masculine and aromatic fragrance
  • A pack of 6
  • Do not have a strong smell

AXE Body Spray for Men, Kilo 4 oz, (Pack of 6)
  • Long Lasting All Over Bodyspray A unique all-over deodorant bodyspray that combines a quality fragrance with effective deodorant protection to keep you smelling great all day or all night.
  • Long Lasting All Over Bodyspray A unique all-over deodorant bodyspray that combines a quality fragrance with effective deodorant protection to keep you smelling great all day or all night.

AXE Excite Body Spray

best body spray for men

It has a very special lingering aroma of coconut, hazelnut and caramel notes. It also stands for one of the best AXE scent.

  • AXE is very trusted brand wise. It’s products are high in quality standards.
  • AXE body sprays are very long-lasting.
  • It offers different categories of man body spray price wise too
  • Fragrance is very subjective. Some people find it ‘not so great’ for their tastes.
  • So many options may leave you confused to choose one from them.

AXE Body Spray for Men, Excite, 4 oz
  • AXE Body Spray for Men, Excite, 4 oz –A woody fragrance with a hint of sweetness
  • Packaging May Vary, Black or White
  • A unique fragrance in a 4 oz can
  • A few sprays is all you need
  • Use AXE anytime, smell great all the time

Tommy Bahamas St. Barts Men Body Spray

best body spray for men

Tommy Bahama men body spray is one of the longest lasting men’s fragrances. Men smell good in a blend of guava nectar, blue agave, vanilla absolute, musks, salty sea spray and palm wood. It is the best body spray for Summer being long-lasting one. This spray acts as a good cologne for teenage guys. This long time spray for man will get you lots of compliments.

Tommy Bahama St. Barts Men Body Spray, 6 oz
  • Top: lime, ocean breeze
  • Mid: sea kale, blue agave tequila accord, guava
  • Dry: palm wood, musk, vanilla

BOD Man Blue Surf Cologne

best body spray for men

Hot BOD for Man Blue Surf Cologne is from a reputed brand Parfums De Coeur. This best BOD spray is having a refreshing herbal aroma. the best men’s body spray has a musk base. With the oceanic feel this fragrance is very warm and masculine. It has an attractive easy to use packaging with 8 fluid Oz quantity.

  • Long lasting fragrance.
  • Suitable as the best fragrance for older man.
  • Again the herbal aroma is very subjective to choose.

BOD Man Fragrance Body Spray, Blue Surf, 8 Fluid Ounce
  • Masculine and strong spirited scent.
  • Aromatic herbal fragrance.
  • Masculine and strong spirited.
  • Fragrance Notes:

Guy Laroche Drakkar Noir

best body spray for men

Drakkar Noir by Guy Laroche is one of the best body spray for men. It was launched in 1982, and it quickly became the signature scent of all guys. It keeps you free of sweat, and delivers lasting fragrance that men have come to love. Drakkar noir deodorant body spray is very well said to be the best smelling body spray for men. The fragrance has hints of lavender, citrus, spicy berries, and sandalwood. It comes in 6 ounce easy to use packaging.

  • Good quantity in the price. Affordable luxury.
  • Popular designer and trusted brand.
  • Fragrance is subjective.
  • Some people find it stronger for their nose.

Drakkar Noir By Guy Laroche For Men. Eau De Toilette Spray...
  • THE DRAKKAR NOIR EXPERIENCE - A sensual and powerful eau de toilette fragrance for men by renowned French fashion designer Guy Laroche
  • TOP NOTES - The defining scent is infused with top notes of Basil, Lavender, and Lemon
  • HEART AND BASE NOTES - Work together to reveal Angelica, Juniper, and Woody Cedar and Pine notes
  • PERFECT FOR DAY OR NIGHT - Use the spray daily to truly embody the Drakkar Noir Man - with qualities of strength, boldness and emotion
  • A GIFT FOR HIM - With a stimulating and warm essence, the Drakkar Noir scent will add some spice to your life, making it a great gift for any occasion

Kenneth Cole Black

best body spray for men

Kenneth Cole black cologne reviews have always been high for its romantic and seductive scent. The spray is almost the same. It is ‘very sexy for him’ body spray. Masculine yet alluring the fragrance is very dull.

Kenneth Cole Black Eau De Toilette Spray for Men, 3.4 Ounce
  • All our fragrances are 100% originals by their original designers.
  • Packaging for this product may vary from that shown in the image above.
  • Sexy and sophisticated, an innovative scent that reflects the elegance and style of the city
  • Black is bold and luxurious, like the feeling of slipping into a tuxedo
  • This men's fragrance is a mix of mandarin warmed with incense and lotus flower, exotic woods

Bath and Body Works The Noir

best body spray for men

The brand provide us the best scents and skin-nourishing beauty products. Their men’s care products are far from forgettable. In contrast to brand’s skin-nourishing products, body sprays for men are lesser known. The Noir body spray has an exotic yet very subtle fragrance. It is a blend of black cardamom, smoky vanilla and white musk. It has a great smell that can mimic the scent of an expensive cologne. The Noir body spray deodorizers, is ideal for your post-workout routine or the start of your day. 

  • Pocket friendly.
  • Fragrance lasts long.
  • The fragrance is subjective.

Bath and Body Works Noir Men's Collection Cologne 3.4 Ounce...
  • NEW Men's Collection Cologne designed just for him!
  • B&BW master perfumers created a unique blend of the finest ingredients for a long-lasting fragrance experience in this concentrated cologne for men.
  • Fragrance: Add an air of mystery with this exotic blend of black cardamom, smoky vanilla & a hint of musk.
  • 3.4 fl oz / 100 mL

Kelvin Klein Euphoria

best body spray for men

Kelvin Klein has always been very popular and favourite brand. Euphoria from Kelvin Klein has all the properties of its signature cologne. It has very masculine and enticing scent. Euphoria keeps you free from sweat and odor for very long time. It is one of the bestselling body spray for men. You can use it on routine and anytime of the day basis.

  • Non alcoholic. Skin friendly. It is good to use for sensitive skin.
  • Once again a trusted brand.
  • It may feel heavy on your pocket.

Calvin Klein euphoria for Men Eau de Toilette, 3.4 Fl. Oz.
  • An addictive, fresh, oriental fragrance
  • Provocative, masculine, sexy
  • An everyday scent

Best Body Spray For Men Buying Guide

Lasting quality

Fragrance has always been a subjective opinion. It depends more on your choice, surrounding, occasion and age. The duration for which your invisible accessory will accompany you does matter the most. While being best smelling body spray for men it should be a long-lasting body spray too. 


People have always been speculated about cologne vs body spray. Body sprays are not as effective as cologne, but they are better than cheap aftershave that smells good for a while only. Body spray gives lasting scent as a cheaper option.

We are confident that you don’t need to be worried to choose one for you. As we have done the essential! We have compiled a list of top 7 body sprays for men. We are pretty sure that you will love the one in the list. The longest lasting body spray makes the longest lasting recollection.

Choice Of Container

Body sprays are available in variety of containers. Before buying online, read the reviews of customers about the container of body spray you are buying. This would help you judge the quality of the body spray.


Body sprays for men are available in wide range of prices. You can streamline the useful products by applying the price filter. This would help you choose the body spray which falls under your decided budget.

The Bottom Line

Whether it is just a normal day, heavy workout session or a very special evening men’s body spray is the solution for you. It has double benefits of good long-lasting fragrance and antiperspirant properties. You can include any of the above products in your personal care kit and you will never regret it.

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