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Yes you hear it right! Best face wash for men, means the suitable face wash for men according to their skin. Of course, no two faces are exactly same and facial skin is sensitive to different ingredients present in the face wash. When it comes to selecting a face wash, there are a ton to choose from. In fact when going to your local stores to pick up some of these product or simply by over to any online store it can be incredibly overwhelming. Before selecting best one for you keep this in mind that different face washes target different skin types, so determining the best one could vary from person to person.

Your most important asset, your face needs targeted cleansing according to the exact skin type. In addition, facial skin tends to be more delicate than the skin on most other areas of your body, so it needs a little extra care. After you’ll discover a wide selection of formulations and options from which to choose, we are here to help with best top face washes for men available in India:

Best face wash for oily acne prone skin

Garnier Men Power White Anti-Pollution Double Action Facewash

No doubt men have 25% more thicker skin than a woman’s skin and hence, need powerful ingredients that the skin absorbs well and leaves the skin clean, healthy and energized. This garnier face wash first dual textured cleanser powered with double action helps remove dust and pollution from your face. Enriched with goodness of Charcoal & Clay it removes dust and pollution, result —brighter looking skin. For all day radiant and fresh-looking skin go for it. Promises to give instant fairness and work on dullness.

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Best face wash for fairness

Bombay Shaving Company Charcoal Face Wash, Fights Pollution And Acne, Oil Control For Men

No doubt men have 25% more thicker skin than a woman’s skin and hence, need powerful ingredients that the skin absorbs well and leaves the skin clean, healthy and energized. This Bombay Shaving Company face wash comes with natural restorative ingredients cleansing power helps remove dust and pollution from facial skin. Enriched with goodness of activated bamboo Charcoal and free from SLS, Paraben so suitable for everyday dust and pollution removal, result —brighter looking skin without any harsh effects. For all day radiant and fresh-looking skin go for it. Promises to give instant fairness and work on dullness.

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Best face wash for deep cleansing

NIVEA Men Face Wash, Deep Impact Intense Clean

A face wash especially for men’s tough skin, a formula that will make the skin feel squeaky clean even after hours in the open harsh environment. Boosted with the power of intense black carbon, this Nivea face wash impact deeply not only on men’s face but cleans the beard hair also. Formulated to do oil reduction in skin so it removes all dirt and excess oil from your skin results in intense freshness. Best part — contains no alcohol.

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Best face wash for with active outdoor lifestyle

Pond’s Men Pollution Out Activated Charcoal Deep Clean Facewash

If you are the one with active outdoor lifestyle than this one is specifically designed for you. Engineered to remove dirt, dust and oil from your skin this facewash ideal for daily use to look fresh and young. Formulated with activated charcoal which acts like a magnet and throw out the pollution from deep inside the pores. Result — a bright skin. Additionally it removes grime and impurities to make face look fresh and energized. Enriched with visible coffee beans that gives effectiveness of a scrub. Best part — Cleans from deep inside pores.

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Best face wash with essential oils

The Man Company Activated Charcoal Face Wash (Ylang Ylang & Argan Essential Oils) To Flight Pollution & Acne Oil Control

This is again one more with Charcoal. But this charcoal face wash is different from others because it comes packed with the goodness of antiseptic Ylang Ylang oil and moisturizing Argan oil. So no doubt this make it the best product to start daily skincare routine. formulated by natural ingredients it can effectively take care of the initial signs of skin ageing by removing dead skin. Unclogging the pores is an essential part of face cleansing as dirt and excess oil go on to breed the bacteria that results into pimples. The Man Company charcoal face wash benefits the skin by deep cleansing it, clearing all the clogged pores and removing the early signs of blackheads, acne, and pimples. Best part — high in Vitamin E and fatty acid plus non-greasy.

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Best face wash for glow

Beardo Ultraglow Facewash For Men

Gone days when clear and glowing skin for men was an improbable dream? This all new Beardo ultra glow face wash stands out from other ordinary face washes for men. Uniquely formulated and specially targeted for men’s tough skin, it balances the natural oils on the skin while removing the dirt and dead cells that gather on the skin. Staying out most of the time through the day, pollution sucks the brightness and glow of the face. This beardo-all-in-one ultra glow lotion gives moisturization to your skin as well as protection from the sun. Best part — Made in India so tried and tested best for Indian skin.

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Best salicylic acid face wash in india

Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Wash For Acne Prone Skin With Salicylic Acid

Noticeably absent from this face wash is alcohol and visibly enriched with special ingredients that soothe and condition face skin, leaving it clean, residue-free and never oily. Non comedogenic formulation which keeps the pores clean and clear — prevents future breakout of acne. specially formulated composition penetrates deep to clean pores and help prevent pimples by removing excess oil and surface buildup. It will not happen in a moment so for visible reduction go for a regular use and get smoother, cleaner and healthier skin. What makes it so effective, the powerful MICROCLEAR technology which is clinically proven to boost delivery of salicylic acid. Best part — Dermatologicaly tested to used on any acne prone skin, oily or dry and it maintains the pH balance also.

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Best ayurvedic face wash

VLCC Ayushmen face wash

Stress, age and environmental damage — outcome — Dull, dark, patchy and dehydrated skin. Especially developed for men’s skin this VLCC ayushmen face wash promised to deliver natural grooming. Infused with natural ingredients like Neem, haldi extracts and Tulsi extracts help in resolving all skin related problems of men. Men’s skin secretes much more sebum (oil) so more prone to blackheads, breakouts and acne. Neem’s anti-bacterial properties works wonders for that kind of skin as it prevents excessive oil secretion and pigmentation. Haldi prevents and cures skin infections. Same time Tulsi extract acts as a natural cleanser and helps reduce blemishes. This natural blend of ayurvedic herbs reinvigorates and helps battle bad effects of pollution. Best part — organic product — Leads to new cell generation and rejuvenation of skin.

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Best scientific formulated face wash

RE’ EQUIL Oil Control Anti Acne Face Wash for Oily, Sensitive and Acne Prone Skin

The core problem of men’s face, the oily skin and dealing with it while outside sun exposure can be more tough. Without any harsh cleaning ingredients which actually can turn the skin more dry and accelerate the sebum production this Re’equil Oil Control Acne Face Wash promotes a sebostatic and moisturising effect to the skin. Specially formulated for sensitive skin that produce more sebum this face wash deeply clarifies the skin for perfect oil free look by cleansing off dirt and unclog pores. Enriched with clinically proven zinc PCA its suits all skin whether its sensitive, oily, acne prone or combination skin. Gives radiance to face as well as reduces hyper pigmentation and dark spots. Best part — SLS and Paraben free.

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Best sulphate free face wash

Ustraa Face Wash Acne Control – With Neem & Charcoal Face Wash – No Paraben

If looking fair is not your primary reason to cleansing the face, this Ustraa face wash is best for you. Power Packed with Charcoal this face wash works deeply with in skin pores and pulls out dirt and pollution. Neem again do the magic of anti-septic power, enriched with skin healing properties and designed to awesome cleansing. When neem and charcoal come together in this face wash, this turn into a smooth formulation which give extra protection against acne and break-outs. An oil-free formulation, this also helps keep your face oil-free for longer. No need to feel sticky and oily all day. Ustraa Face Wash helps you get rid of excess oil on our skin and prevents acne, helping you get a cleaner healthier skin. Best part — no SLS, no Paraben & no harmful chemicals.

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Best in face wash in fragrance

Himalaya Men Active Sport Face Wash

Sporty peoples this one is for you. Armed with a rich woody scent, this Himalaya face wash got 3-herb complex and Red Ginseng to reenergizes and brightens skin. Specially designed for men’s skin this unique formula sucks out the oil, sweat and dirt. Enrichment of Orange give power to remove oil and keep intensely refresh. Its masculine minty fragrance awaken the senses for a instant refreshment and coolness. You’ll find that the fragrance can last all day—a nice treat to sweat after playing a sport .Best part — long lasting freshness and fragrance.

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Best face wash for instant radiance

Emamai Fair and Handsome Instant Radiance Face Wash

A breakthrough technology called Acti-Radiant and this face wash is formulated on the same that helps to provide an instant radiant, fresh and youthful look for men. What this Acti – Radiant technology means? — contains Acti-Fair Peptide, reason for a revolutionary fairness and eliminates dirt and thoroughly cleansing oil and sweat. With clearly visible instant fresher and brighter skin its also reduces dark spots and gives all-round fairness. Best part — specially designed for men’s skin.

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