Best Hair Dryer For Curly Hair – Great Options for Frizzy Hair

Don’t want to lose the glamorous looks of your curls? If yes then you surely need something to take care of your curls. But before styling, you need to have dry hair. Drying curly hair is not so easy. Its fragility makes the task difficult. However, in today’s post, we will help you choose the best hair dryer for curly hair. The right choice is a must for keeping the curls intact. For your help, we will help you find your best hair dryer for curly hair.

How to choose the best hair dryer for curly hair?

Before buying the best hair dryer for curly hair first, know your hair type. The right decision about the hair type will lead to the right choice of the hairdryer. Your hair types may fall in one of the following categories:

The curls can be loose and big following an S-shape like structure. Such hair type has thicker curls.
Some tighter curls reflect a coarse structure. The wideness of such curls is similar to that of marker pens.

The curls may be ringlets. Ringlets like curls are much more tightly packed than normal curls.
The hairdryer is developed for addressing the common issues faced by people having different types of curly hair.

Which is the best dryer to choose from?

The choice of choosing the best hair dryer you need to know certain factors. The market is flooded with a lot many hair dryers for curly hair. Most of them claim to be the right caretaker of curly hair. But not all fulfill their promise. Thus to play the safe game you need to consider some of the given factors before buying a hairdryer for your hair. We have highlighted some of the factors that should be looked at before making the purchase.

The technology used: Several technologies are being used for developing hair dryers. Curly hair gets the most benefit from ionic condition technology. Researches reveal that hairdryer developed with this technology can reduce hair frizz up to 40%. Thus to have relief from frizz, look for a hairdryer developed with ionic condition technology.

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The material used: hairdryers made with titanium are suitable for the hair drying job. Such materials help the hairdryer to main consistent temperature during blowing activity. This helps in faster drying of hair. The consistent temperature adds volume to your curls. Thus to make your curl shine choose a hairdryer made with titanium material.

The wattage system: to dry up curly hair the hairdryer must be of great power. A hairdryer with the power of 2000 wattage is considered ideal for drying up the curly hair. Such hair dryers provide you with control over the speed and the heat released. Thus you can protect your curls from getting damaged with excess heat. This lets your curls bouncy and looks lively.

Attachments: for complete styling of hair the hairdryer must support additional attachments. The most common attachment is a diffuser. A diffuser works to provide even texture to your curly hair. As well as it adds some volume to your curls. So look for the best hair dryer for curly hair with diffusers. There are many more attachments that come with a hairdryer. But among the diffuser is a must.

The Best Hair Dryer For Curly Hair

We have shortlisted some of the best hairdryers available in the market for curly hair. This list may help you find your best hair dryer:

JOHN 2200W Professional Powerful Fast Drying Blow Dryer

One of the best affordable hairdryer. It provides you with all the required features for drying up your curly hair. It is made up of tourmaline material which is capable enough to control the high temperature of heat release. This hair dryer is developed using ionic condition technology. This feature makes it an ideal and best hair dryer for curly hair. Its collapsible round diffuser allows perfect drying of curly hair. You have full control over the heat release through its three different heat settings and two different speed settings. Its wide and narrow nozzles can be used for facilitating even hair flow. All these features sum up to consider this hairdryer as the best hair dryer for curly hair.

JOHN 2200w Super Fast Drying Professional Hair Dryer Nano...
  • SUPER FAST DRYING -- This Blow Dryer Adpots 2200W AC Turbo Motor with Powerful Blast Airflow Which is At Least 3x Faster Drying Than Those 2200W DC Motor. This is The BEST CHOICE for The Long Coarse Thick Hair Which You Want to Have The True Quick Dry With The Soft and Smooth Hair Results and Also for The Soft Thin Hair Who Want to Maintain the Healthy Hair Consistently
  • SOFT SILKY HAIR RESULTS -- JOHN Blast Turbo 6900 Ionic Hair Dryer Adopts The Most Extraordinary TOURMALINE CERAMIC IONIC Technology Which Blow Hair with Drops of Water Transformed into Micro-Molecules That Are Absorbed by the Hair and the Negative ION Charge Permits Heat to Be Radiated Directly into the Hair WITHOUT Drying Out the Hair's External Structure. Leaves Hair Shiny,Silky,Soft and Healthy.
  • SALON LOOK EVERYDAY -- JOHN IONIC 2200Watt Hair Dryers are Approval By Professional Hair Stylists for the Ergonomic Balance Design, Powerful Performance and Lightweight. You Can Have The Salon Results at Home With the Equipped 2 Snap-On Nozzles, The Big One is for Fast Drying From Wet To Dry and The Small One is for Precise Styling of Straight or Curls with Brush.
  • PROFESSIONAL SETTING -- Heat(II)+Speed(II) Fast Drying for Coarse Thick Hair. Heat(I) +Speed(II) Fast Drying for Soft Thin Hair. Heat(II)+Speed(I) Set Styling for Coarse Thick Hair. Heat(I) +Speed(I) Set Styling for Soft Thin Hair. Heat(0) +Speed(I/II) Designed for Complete Cool Air. Cool Shot Button is Designed for Setting Curl in Place

Infiniti Pro by Conair Hair Dryer

If you want to have frizz-free hair then go for this hair dryer for curly hair. Its ionic condition technology works to remove frizz from the hair. Its titanium material controls the high temperature of the heat being released and prevents your curls from getting damaged. The use of brushless motor extends the lifetime of the hairdryer ten times more to that of a dryer using AC motor. You have full control over the heat release through its three different heat settings and two different speed settings. Another striking feature of this hairdryer is its noise reduction technology. It reduces the noise generated during functioning up to 40%.

INFINITIPRO BY CONAIR 3Q Compact Electronic Brushless Motor...
  • A brushless motor works with a combination of magnets and electronics to drive the motor; ionic technology for smooth, shiny hair and up to 75 percentage less frizz
  • 5,000 Hours of life 10 times longer than an AC motor dryer; dries equivalent to a 2,000 watt professional dryer
  • Provides up to 70 percentage more air pressure for faster drying with less heat to minimize heat damage; Cord: 7 foot, heavy gauge; Dimensions: 4 x 12.5 x 9.8 inches; Weight: 2.3 pounds
  • Up to 40 percentage less noise with patent pending noise reduction technology
  • Heavy gauge, professional quality line cord for extra durability and 18 percentage lighter than standard a AC motor hair dryer

RUSK Engineering Super Freak Professional Dryer

A professional hairdryer for drying up curly hair. Its ionic conditioning technology makes it ideal for curly hair. Its tourmaline material causes the dryer to be gentle on your hair. This gentleness leaves the hair to be healthy and shiny. Its two concentrator nozzles provide even airflow to the hair. Its lightweight is what attracts you more towards it. It weighs only one pound, so you don’t have to exercise while using it:) this professional hairdryer is one of the best blow dryers of 2019. You have full control over the heat release through its three different heat settings and three different speed settings.

Rusk Engineering Super Freak Professional 2000 Watt Dryer...
  • Designed for a salon but great for at home use
  • Ceramic and tourmaline infused
  • Reduced drying time
  • 2000 watt italian a/c motor
  • Ceramic grill infused with tourmaline

DevaCurl DevaDryer

For having frizz-free and shiny curly hair you need to have this hairdryer. Its ionic condition technology makes it a preferable choice. It saves your precious time by reducing the hair drying time. One of its attractive features is to have a hand-shaped diffuser. This diffuser facilitates airflow in 360 degrees for better performance. It enhances the texture and volume of your curls. Its concentrator nozzle imparts even distribution of heat to your hair.

DevaCurl DevaDryer, Ionic Hairdryer with Universal Diffuser...
  • IONIC HAIRDRYER & DIFFUSER: This hair drying kit includes what you need to cut down on drying time, boost volume, and prevent frizz. This hairdryer offers a quick way to give your waves and curls more shape and bounce while reducing frizz.
  • DEVADRYER BLOW DRYER: The patented DevaFuser features 1600 Watts with an AC Motor. Its ionic technology helps eliminate static, frizz, and flyaways making your hair smoother and shinier. This technology also helps your hair dry faster. This hair dryer features 3 temperature settings and 2 speed settings.
  • DEVAFUSER DIFFUSER: The innovative, hand-shaped DevaFuser delivers 360-degree airflow to surround curls - even at the root which speeds up the drying process. The patented ergonomic design enhances your natural curls or waves while creating body and lift due to easy positioning at the crown. Curls look beautifully defined and frizz-free due to the gentle drying of the DevaDryer & DevaFuser combination.
  • HOW TO USE THE HAIR DRYER & DIFFUSER: Push the DevaFuser onto the hairdryer, making sure it's firmly attached. Turn the hairdryer on and set your desired temperature and airflow settings. Tilt your head to the side and dry the roots first. Gently remove and repeat all around your scalp. Next, cradle the ends of curls in the DevaFuser and bring it up to the scalp so the hair is "scrunched" in the DevaFuser, and hold. Gently remove and repeat the same motion to the rest of your hair.
  • Dermatologist tested, non-irritating, free of SLS/SLES sulfates, parabens, and silicones.

BaBylissPRO Tourmaline Titanium Travel Dryer

A travel-friendly hairdryer made just for curly hair. It is compatible to be operated in different countries because of its dual voltage system. You can easily carry this hair dryer with 0.7 pounds weight to any place. Its tourmaline material makes it ideal for curly hair. It is one of the best-rated hair dryers for protecting curly hair from damage. You can control the amount of heat released through its two different heat settings. You need to buy the diffuser compatible with this hair dryer separately.

BaBylissPRO TT Tourmaline Titanium Travel Dryer, Red
  • The compact 1000 Watt BaBylissPRO Tourmaline Titanium Travel Dryer has dual voltage & a folding handle, making it perfect for travel. Tourmaline crystals emit ions to help fight static & boost shine.
  • This travel hair dryer has dual voltage for worldwide usage, so you can keep your hair looking great on the go!
  • Great for all hair types including thick & coarse hair, this blow dryer helps reveal shiny, healthy-looking hair.
  • Tourmaline Titanium technology
  • Foldable

Remington Ceramic Hair Dryer with Ionic Technology

To provide complete hydration to your curls, you can go with this best hair dryer for curly hair. Its ionic conditioning technology helps in eliminating frizz from your hair. It leaves you with much shiner and glossy curls. It is listed among the best affordable hair dryers for curly hair.

Remington D3190 Damage Protection Hair Dryer with Ceramic +...
  • Damage protection hair dryer for shiny, healthy hair
  • 3X more protection with advanced coating technology
  • Healthier Hair with Proprietary Micro Conditioner Technology
  • 1875 watt for fast drying power
  • Ceramic Ionic Tourmaline Grill for Faster Drying with Less Frizz

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