Best Truck Bed Tents To Buy In 2022

Truck bed tents are a great option for traveling with your friends and family to camping locations. These portable truck tents are easier to carry and install. They are not only portable but are also affordable. They help you feel safe from animal attacks at the camping site. But to have all these benefits and ultimate comfort you need the best truck bed tent. Choosing from a wide variety of truck bed tents could be a tedious job. For your help, we have sorted a list of factors you can consider before buying a truck bed tent. Also, there is a list of some tips and tricks to make your camping experience with truck bed tents more adventurous.

How to choose the best truck bed tent?

For ensuring that you pick a best truck bed tent for yourself we have provided a list of factors. You must consider these factors before choosing a truck bed tent. They will help you as a guide for choosing the best truck camper.

Popup truck camper Vs. Hard side campers

Truck campers can be either hard side campers or a popup truck camper. Popup truck campers can be easily attached to the roof of the pickup truck. The lower cab area of the pickup truck is used for driving it to the camping destination.

Hard side campers have fixed roofs and hard sidewalls. They are permanently fixed in the camping position. These truck campers have numerous benefits including spacious internal storage, larger living space, and other basic amenities.

Size and weight

Before buying the short bed truck camper you must consider the size of the truck bed. Measuring the truck payload is another important thing which you should do. It will help you determine the maximum weight your truck camper can carry. Thus, always check these two factors before choosing the best truck bed tent

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Many of the truck campers are bulky and difficult to carry when not in use, thus it is important to know the storage capacity of the truck bed tent before buying it. For convenience and easy storing, you can have a tarp to cover the truck bed tent You can even store it in a garage. Try avoiding using the bare ground for storing the truck camper as it may damage the camper.

Group size

Camping is all about comfortable stay. Before choosing any truck bed tent you must see whether all the people who are going to camp can easily fit in it or not. You can also buy a truck bed campers with extra slides. This would help you create more sleeping space.

Length of the bed

Before choosing any truck bed tent you must measure the size of your bed. This would majorly affect your decision. Bed sizes vary for long bed truck campers and short bed truck campers. So before buying the truck camper match your bed size with its area. Also, you must consider the weight carrying capacity of the truck camper.

Bathroom styles and options

Choose which type of bathroom you want in your truck bed tent. Do you want a dry bath, wet bath, no bath or toilet bath? This would affect the level of comfort while staying in the truck bed tent. The choice of the bathroom depends entirely on your preferences and choices.

Other basic amenities

You can add other basic amenities like the cooking area, or a complete kitchen in your truck camper. All customization depends on your choices and preferences.

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Poles of the truck bed tent

The poles are generally color-coded. Color-coded poles are comparatively easier to set up and can be installed in less time. These poles can be made with either aluminum, fiberglass, or steel. Steel truck bed tent poles are the strongest while the ones made with fiberglass are weak. Poles made with aluminum are light and mid-strength.

Truck bed tent tips and tricks

  • For keeping your truck bed tent in good condition, you can follow the given tips and tricks:
  • Always use a dry cloth for cleaning the poles of truck bed tents. This would help in preventing them from corrosion.
  • Clean the floor of the truck bed tent regularly. Also, always try to keep it dry.
  • For enabling watertight tape sealed seams make use of tent seam sealer.
  • Using warm water along with soap you can easily wash the truck bed tent


The truck bed tents can be easily used on a pickup truck. They are ideal for those who love to camp and enjoy the outdoors. The portability feature makes them the most popular. We tried to help you in choosing the best truck bed tent for yourself. The guide can prove handy for you at the time of making a purchase. The tips and tricks can help you maintain your truck bed tents for longer durations. So, choose the best truck bed tent and keep enjoying camping. Have an adventurous Camping.

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