Big Brother's Julie Chen Moonves Reveals Problem With Kyle Capener

Big Brother’s Julie Chen Moonves Reveals Problem With Kyle Capener

Speaking of your mind. Older brother host Julie Chen Moonves opened up about his issues around by Kyle Capener recent decision to save alyssa snider – a move that betrayed his closest confidants.

“There’s something about the way Kyle betrayed his alliance that bothers me,” said Julie, 52. entertainment weekly during an interview that was published on Tuesday, August 30. “It happened shortly after he was unsure about using POV to save Alyssa when he and Daniel [Durston] had the veto. He felt more like a move to save himself and his longevity in the game than his showmance or girlfriend.”

The decision was made during the most recent double-house eviction, which followed the split-house game twist. The remaining 10 players were divided into two groups of five, playing completely separate games, with one group living inside the house and the other group banished to the backyard.

The Utah native, who was previously part of The Leftover alliance, which also included Joseph Abdin, Michael Bruner, taylor healthy, brittany hopes, mount taylor Y Matt Turner — He recently participated in a “show” with Alyssa, 26, who is not part of the seven-person team. In one shocking moment, 29-year-old Kyle finally decided to turn on his fellow allies to save his BB24 romantic couple instead.

The 23-year-old Matt followed suit, staying with Kyle instead of his alliance member Joseph, who was subsequently eliminated. Julie, however, explained how the Massachusetts native’s decision was more understandable than Kyle’s betrayal.

“Essentially he broke up the perceived stronger duo when he decided to evict Joseph,” Julie explained of the move. “Turner probably thinks he can beat Kyle and Alyssa in competitions, and even win judging, than Monte and/or Joseph. It was not a bad move on his part to advance his position in the game.”

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Last week, fans of the CBS reality series took to social media with the trending hashtag “#StopProtectingKyle,” claiming that the network was editing their problematic comments on the house, as well as conversations about race.

In a livestream video that did not appear in the day’s episode, Kyle can be seen referencing his housemates’ “diverse backgrounds,” speculating that they are working together in a similar fashion to Cookout, an all-black alliance from season 23 of the reality competition.

“That possibility of those six with that background, I mean, it looks a lot like the Cookout with a very diverse background,” the social media influencer joked. “Everyone has expressed why they are in this game. Joseph, more representation of the Middle East on TV. Indy, there has never been a Brazilian competitor or winner… they all have those strong ‘whys’ that coincide.”

After the controversial conversation, viewers claimed that Kyle’s comments were being removed from live broadcasts.

“There have been tons of articles about Kyle’s behaviour. There have been thousands of tweets, thousands of online posts about him. CBS can cut broadcasts as much as they want to protect him, but that doesn’t change the fact that he’s a fucking racist.” a Twitter user wrote.

Another added: “Julie was right, this is a microcosm of our culture. The active exploitation of POC, the protection of white men above all else, and the blatant and unapologetic Anti-Blackness by those in power. Nothing says ‘America’ more.”

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