Bill Maher Asks a Question a Meathead Can't Answer on 'Real Time' - Deadline

Bill Maher Asks a Question a Meathead Can’t Answer on ‘Real Time’ – Deadline

Those who accuse Bill Maher of straying too far from his liberal roots must have been pleased with Friday’s programming. Real time on HBO. From film director and author John Waters to Democratic Senator Amy Klobuchar to director/actor and extreme liberal activist Rob Reiner, it was clearly a group leaning to the left side of the aisle.

Except Maher wasn’t afraid to deviate from the unstated script and call one of his guests about a tough subject: Hunter Biden’s laptop and the apparent media suppression of that story.

Maher set his trap early, giving his panelists enough rope to express their views on abortion, Joe Biden, January 6, and recent spending bills,

Maher got tired of that at one point, poking fun at Reiner and Klobuchar’s glee over former President Donald Trump’s Boxgate problems when the “walls are closing in” fad was pitched to them.

“Do you know how often I’ve heard that on MSNBC?” Maher said about Reiner’s claims that Trump would be impeached. “We have it now!”

A few seconds later, Maher zoomed in to kill when he mentioned how the story of Hunter Biden’s laptop and his evidence of influence peddling was effectively squashed.

Maher turned the conversation into a recent statement by podcaster Sam Harris, who said that a conspiracy to silence that story before the 2020 election was fine, as it served the greater good of defeating Trump.

Maher asked if it was okay to get involved in something like that suppression if the other side is so evil that everything is justified.

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Reiner looked puzzled and tried to change the topic back to January 6th.the lifting. Maher wouldn’t let him get away. “They buried the Hunter Biden story.”

Reiner tried to recover by denying the premise. “Do you know for a fact that that is what they did? I dont know”

“That’s because you only watch MSNBC,” replied Maher.

Klobuchar tried to cover for Reiner by allowing, “I don’t know if everyone said this,” adding, “You have to make sure you treat people fairly.” She added that she was sitting back and letting the Justice Department do her job, which avoided the original question.

Earlier, John Waters appeared to promote his new book, Liarmouth: A Romance That Feels Wrong. The conversation ranged from the different preferences on the sidewalks along Santa Monica Boulevard to what would be in the planned Waters exhibit at the Academy Museum of Moving Images.

Waters enjoyed poking fun at himself, noting that his Hollywood Walk of Fame star was greeted by a friend with the note: “Closer to the gutter than ever!”

“I make fun of myself and the rules that I live by,” Waters said of how he avoided any cancellations during his controversial run. “I mock political correctness.”

Waters once worked with Johnny Depp, but graciously refused to discuss THAT CASE except for one point: “I wish they’d get back together and drive everyone crazy.”

Maher’s New Rules editorial was a version of the Straw Man storylines, complete with an actual Straw Man featured as support. Maher praised Silvana Fardos, the mother of Salman Rushdie’s stabber, saying she was an example of the courage we should all strive for.

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