Brendan Fraser Gets a Teary-Eyed Standing Ovation at 'Whale' Premiere TIFF – Deadline

Brendan Fraser Gets a Teary-Eyed Standing Ovation at ‘Whale’ Premiere TIFF – Deadline

The Toronto International Film Festival, unlike European film festivals, is not known as a place for standing ovations. As soon as those credits roll, they should move on to a post-screening Q&A, clear the theater, and move on to the next screening.

But it was a different story tonight at the Theater Royal Alexandra as The whale Director Darren Aronofsky and the cast of the film A24 kept up the momentum of the standing ovation for what seemed like more than three minutes (long by TIFF standards) as a teary-eyed Brendan Fraser walked onto the stage in what was his second major reception at a fall festival after Venice, where he sobbed. for six minutes.

Based on the play by Samuel D. Hunter, Fraser plays a lonely English teacher with a penchant for teaching. moby dick, who lives with severe obesity and tries to reconnect with her estranged teenage daughter (Sadie Sink) while struggling to stay alive.

Yes, a lot of prosthetics were used in the performance, but a lot of heart. And that’s what blew Aronofsky away when he met with The Mummy actor of the franchise on a frosty January afternoon.

“To find the right actor at the right time is not a calculation,” says Aronofsky.

“With Brendan it was purely the connection of seeing him as a human being, knowing him and the energy of him. It was a very deep feeling,” said the filmmaker.

“Hungry actors are a super important thing because all these roles are difficult,” he continued, “You have to find the right actor at the right time to work hard.”

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“I heard Darren was going to direct a movie,” Fraser said, “we talked about the project. There was no script at the time. He told me that it was a man with a burden of regret and that he has been hurting himself by overeating. And he wants to reconnect with her daughter and let her know how much he loves her. He is running out of time. Hey, look, those are really the only things he already knew about it. Those are goals to play, big obstacles and the substance that I know Darren would embrace and make an impressive piece of cinematography.”

Despite all the makeup, Fraser told the crowd that to play Charlie, “you had to be an incredibly strong individual to be that man. Because at the end of the day, he was able to take the brace off me and I was a little dizzy, and some of that stayed with me until we came back and did it the next day.”

“And at some point after we finish the movie as well, when you invest everything you can and give it what you’ve got like it’s the first and last time you’re ever going to do it again, something big can come out of that,” he said. actor before his voice. he joked, “I think with his help, we will be able to change some hearts and minds.”

A24 will launch The whale on December 9.

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