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Britney Spears Won’t Perform At The VMAs With Elton John

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Elton John75, and Britney Spears40, will drop his collaboration “Hold Me Closer” on Friday, August 26, two days before the 2022 MTV Video Music Awards, and hollywoodlife can confirm that they will not be performing the song at the show, despite fans’ high hopes. “The rumor that Britney would be performing probably started when MTV called the record company to get clearance to play the song, but Britney is not performing the song in any way, shape or form,” a source with inside knowledge of the awards show revealed. a NS EXCLUSIVELY. “No video, no virtual, no live, nothing.”

On a positive note, the source said the song is getting Britney excited about where her renewed career can go. “This song is exactly what Britney needed right now. After going through all that drama with Kevin, she really needed a confidence booster, and this is it.” As fans know, her ex-husband, kevin federline, recently aired some of Britney’s personal issues in a revealing interview, including her fractured relationship with her children. She later called her actions and treatment of her children “hurtful”.

Elton John concert
Elton John previewed the song he recorded with Britney Spears a few days before its release, and fans were excited (Photo: Shutterstock)

“She’s so excited for this song to come out and she really feels like this is going to put her back on the map,” they continued. “For years, Britney forgot who she was and how much her music influenced millions of people. If this song is a hit, which so many believe it will be, she will be ready to record again on her own and with other artists.”

Elton and Britney released a sneak peek of the song on August 24 and the positive response from fans is also helping Britney gain confidence. “She is super happy with her voice and proud of the song in general. Fans of hers have already gone crazy over the snippets that are also available, so that has given her a huge boost of strength and confidence ahead of release,” said a second source, close to the “Womanizer” singer. hollywoodlife EXCLUSIVELY. She “she feels very empowered and excited about this song.”

Elton John concert
Britney Spears has not only returned to work in the studio, but has regained her confidence as an artist (Photo: Shutterstock)

In addition to Britney’s enthusiasm for the song, which NS Confirmed to be recorded in July, multiple sources have told us that Britney sounds amazing on it. “She felt like she was rusty when they started recording, but it came back to her naturally and Elton helped her get the best of her and possibly the best she ever sounded,” said a source close to the production. NS that same month. Furthermore, another source said that the duet is “one of the best songs” the “Toxic” singer has recorded so far in her career.

“Hold Me Closer” will be Britney’s first music released after her 2016 album Gloryand his first project after his controversial 13-year conservatorship ended in November 2021.

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