'Chicago PD' EP about a future without Jay Halstead;  Voight's Unraveling in Season 10 – Deadline

‘Chicago PD’ EP about a future without Jay Halstead; Voight’s Unraveling in Season 10 – Deadline

SPOILER ALERT: The following reveals major plot points from tonight’s episode of NBC’s Chicago PD.

Benjamin Levy Aguilar as Dante Torres

NBC chicago police premiered its tenth season on Wednesday night and the anticipation of how Jesse Lee Soffer, who plays Detective Jay Halstead, will turn out is all anyone can think about.

The episode picks up two weeks after the crazy events of the season 9 finale in which the Intelligence Unit brought down the notorious Los Temidos gang, responsible for much of the drugs flowing in and out of the city, among other horrific crimes. .

With the organization out of the way, his replacement already has his boots on the ground and Voight (Jason Beghe) isn’t too happy about it. Even as a powerful and connected guy, not even Voight can stop a new gang from taking over orphaned street corners.

It is initially revealed that the head of the unit is dealing with some demons following the death of his CI Anna Avalos (Carmela Zumbado). Although he didn’t pull the trigger himself, he feels responsible to her for not protecting her as he promised.

Meanwhile, Hailey Upton Halstead (Tracy Spiridakos) is also dealing with the fallout from the finale as the person who killed Anna, even after Voight explains that he takes full responsibility for her death and doesn’t blame her.

Back on the streets, Voight finds an unconscious boy who overdosed after accidentally eating strawberries that had been laced with drugs on concrete. And it only gets worse and worse when the boy dies and an enraged Voight orders the team to find the new dealers in town and soon.

chicago police

Marina Squerciati as Kim Burgess, LaRoyce Hawkins as Kevin Atwater, Jason Beghe as Hank Voight

Newcomer Dante Torres (Benjamin Levy Aguilar) made his debut tonight as a series regular when Halstead enlists his help in the search for new drug lord Enzo. At first, he was on loan from the police department, but at the end of the episode, Chief Patrick O’Neal (Michael Gaston) allows Torres to officially join Voight’s team.

After taking Enzo down, Voight talks to Halstead and Upton and tells them that they can’t work together anymore. This could be the unraveling that leads to Halstead’s eventual departure.

chicago police Executive producer Gwen Sigan spoke with Deadline about a future without Halstead, Voight’s journey in season 10, and more.

DEADLINE: Voight is really struggling after Anna’s death and he’s not thinking straight. What can we expect from your trip this season?

GWEN FOLLOW: Yeah, he’s definitely feeling the pinch, especially in this first episode. We’ve been two weeks, so it’s very fresh. It’s also been a while since we’ve seen Voight have a relationship like he had with Anna, where he allowed himself to be a little more vulnerable and have a reciprocal connection. He is someone who loves everyone in his unit very much, but he has these limits, and we saw a little bit of those walls come down last season. And now, after he died in such a brutal way, he takes a lot of responsibility for it. He really feels a lot of guilt in this first episode to the point where he’s really bleeding from it. He wishes he had done things differently. We will certainly see him continue throughout the season.

chicago police

Jesse Lee Soffer as Jay Halstead, Tracy Spiridakos as Hailey Upton

DEADLINE: Fans of the series since day one aren’t ready to say goodbye to Halstead. What would the show be like without him?

FOLLOW: The details about when and how it goes, we keep them secret. But I do think it will make sense to the fans when they see it, and they will understand that we really wanted to do justice to the character, who he is and what he represents to the show. And also Jesse himself, since he’s been here since day one, even before Day 1. He was there when chicago fire spin-off started P.S.. He is a member of this family and always will be. We really wanted to showcase it.

DEADLINE: Everything feels so dark right now. Will it continue like this all season?

FOLLOW: The season is not going to be all dark. The theme we’re going for this year is the savior and we’re looking at this question: Can the broken be saved? So we will also see some savings this season.

DEADLINE: What can you say about Torres, who just officially joined Voight’s team?

FOLLOW: It’s been so much fun writing for him. We are very happy to have it. He is so talented and brings so much to the character that you will really get to know this season and all the different facets of him. We get to go home with him a lot. We see that he still lives in the same neighborhood where he was born and lives with his mother. He is so rooted in the neighborhood that he grew up in, and he is very sure of himself. We learn a lot about his background and about the different things that have happened in his life that have led him from wanting to be a police officer and wanting to do his job in a very specific way. We will also see some growing pains this season. It’s hard coming fresh off patrol into this unit, especially during this tense time and having to build all these different relationships and also see where you fit. So, there are a lot of great stories to tell and I think the fans are really going to fall in love with him.

DEADLINE: What are your plans for Burgess (Marina Squerciati) and Ruzek (Patrick Flueger) and their relationship?

FOLLOW: Episode 2 of this season is a Burgess and Ruzek episode where we answer that question we left unanswered last season. Will they move in together? Will they try this again and be a modern family together? We give an answer to that and we put them together in a kind of new dynamic that is a little more stable. And I think they’ll always have that relationship that’s so complicated and messy, but they’ll still support each other.

DEADLINE: What does Upton’s future look like without Halstead?

FOLLOW: Upton is going to have some consequences, yes. It is a difficult place for her. She is so connected to Halstead, that she is not only her husband but also her partner. They’re so intertwined in her lives and seeing her alone and having to navigate that, she certainly gets into some really interesting territory this season as she tries to navigate that. She is someone who is not necessarily the best at dealing with her emotions. She likes to be in control and she likes to feel like she is in control of her mind space. So this is going to throw her off a bit.

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