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Daemon Kills The Crab Feeder In Episode 3

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Following another fierce battle. The Crab Man continues to wreak havoc on the battlefield. Suddenly Caraxes closes in, burning more of the battlefield. Daemon tries to lure the Crabman. Crabfeeder’s men retaliate with fire bows, for which Daemon is forced to retreat with Caraxes.

This war with Crabfeeder has been going on for a couple of years. Alicent has already married Viserys and given birth to Aegon II. She is currently pregnant with her second child.

Viserys Rhaenyra
Viserys and Rhaenyra in episode 3. (HBO)

A messenger arrives with news about the Stone Steps and the Crab Man. Viserys dismisses what is going on with his brother and Sea Snake since they started a war without his explicit permission. He is really worried about Rhaenyra and demands to know where she is.

Alicent goes to look for her. Rhaenyra remains stubborn and refuses to see her father, forcing Alicent to wield her power as queen consort. She tells Rhaenyra about the upcoming hunt and tries to get her to join, but Rhaenyra doesn’t take her. However, she has to join Viserys, Alicent, and little Aegon II in a carriage as they head to a celebration.

Viserys tries one more time to get Rhaenyra on the hunt. She is still dismissive. Viserys reminds her of her duties. “No one is here for me,” she snaps. This celebration is for Aegon. The crowd cheers the boy when he arrives, and no one asks about Rhaenyra, the future queen. She is left alone in the carriage.

Rhaenyra and Viserys discuss marriage

At a celebration, the ladies sit and gossip with Alicent. Daemon’s war comes up and Rhaenyra is asked about him. She says that she hasn’t spoken to him in years. One of the women basically blames Rhaenyra for this war because she was named Daemon’s heir. Alicent defends Rhaenyra, telling everyone that Rhaenyra was “more suited to the role” of ruling Westeros than Daemon.

Rhaenyra meets Jason Lannister, who is not ashamed of the marriage proposal. Understandably, Rhaenyra gets angry and storms away from her. She confronts her father, who urged Jason on this. He reveals that ever since she came of age, she has received marriage proposals from all over the Kingdom.

“I don’t want to get married,” she tells her father. Viserys insists that he must marry. She cannot avoid duty and tradition. Otto breaks up their public fight, giving Rhaenyra time to ride off. Ser Criston Cole follows her. When he catches up with her, Rhaenyra opens up about the situation. She doesn’t want a lord of Casterly Rock to be worth raising alone. She knows it’s more than that.

Rhaenyra Christon
Rhaenyra and Criston in the forest. (HBO)

Back at the base, Jason presents Viserys with a sword in honor of Aegon II. He brings up the idea of ​​marrying Rhaenyra again and says that she would be well compensated for her “loss of position”, that is, when Viserys names Aegon II as his heir. Viserys quickly reminds him that he didn’t make Rhaenyra his heir “on a whim”. And he adds: “All the lords of the realm would do well to remember that.”

Otto reminds Viserys that he is the king. He can order Rhaenyra to do whatever he wants. Viserys doesn’t want to force his daughter to do anything. He wants her to be happy. Otto has another suggestion for Rhaenyra’s husband: Aegon II. Viserys looks at Otto in shock, then laughs at the idea. Aegon II just turned 2 years old. All this talk about marriage and politics annoys Viserys, so he keeps drinking and drinking.

Lyonel Strong is the one who proposes a decent suitor: Laenor Velaryon, the son of the Sea Serpent. Laenor is of pure Valyrian descent and heiress to the richest house in the Kingdom. Viserys doesn’t immediately reject the idea. He just stands up and walks away.

Rhaenyra and Criston are attacked

Criston begs Rhaenyra to return to base, but she wants to drag this adventure out as long as possible. “Do you think the Kingdom will ever accept me as its queen?” she asks, Criston replies, “They’ll have no choice but to do it.”

Later, they hear something moving in the woods. A boar comes charging towards them and knocks Criston down. The animal chases after Rhaenyra and she tries to stop it from attacking her face. Criston stabs the boar before he can do any damage. Rhaenyra grabs the knife from her and continues to stab the boar over and over again, unleashing all the anger she has held back. When she finishes, Rhaenyra is covered in blood.

After learning of suitor after suitor for Rhaenyra, Viserys speaks with Alicent. He doesn’t know what to do with Rhaenyra and the succession. He claims that he once dreamed a prophecy that his son was king. His obsession with this prophecy killed Aemma. He confesses that he thought naming Rhaenyra his heir would relieve him of the guilt he felt. Viserys says that he “never imagined” that she would remarry and have a child. “What if I was wrong?” Viserys asks, alluding to making Rhaenyra his heir.

Viserys Alicent
Viserys discusses Rhaenyra and a prophecy with Alicent. (HBO)

The next morning, a bloodstained Rhaenrya and Criston survey the land around them. Suddenly, they see a white deer. Criston prepares to kill him, but Rhaenyra tells him no. She lets the white deer go free. They return to base with the dead boar. All eyes are on Rhaenyra when she returns. Nobody says a word.

Otto believes that Aegon II will be the king of Rhaenyra

Back in King’s Landing, Otto goes to see Alicent. He asks her how she felt about the celebration. Otto mentions that Aegon II is the “future of the Kingdom” and that the birth of Aegon II ended 15 years of “uncertainty and doubt”.

Otto believes that Aegon II was born to rule the Seven Kingdoms. Alicent doesn’t seem happy with this discussion. Otto does not give up. She says that if Rhaenyra were to “step over” Aegon to ascend the throne, the “Kingdom would be shattered”. Alicent reminds him that everyone has already sworn allegiance to him, but Otto replies that they all did before Aegon II appeared on the scene.

“Rhaenyra would make a good queen,” says Alicent. Otto says it doesn’t matter. “Rhaenrya is a woman,” she says. Alicent doesn’t want to raise her child to steal her sister’s birthright. “It is Aegon who is being wronged. He is the firstborn son of the king. To deny that he is heir to the throne is to attack gods and men. The road ahead is uncertain, but the end is clear. Aegon will be king,” Otto declares.

Otto pressures Alicent to convince Viserys of this. When Alicent goes to see her husband, Viserys has a bad hangover. Rhaenrya’s marriage prospects resurface. Viserys says that Rhaenyra needs a man to serve as her “king consort”. Alicent believes that Rhaenyra will marry, but she needs to think that it is her choice.

Corlys’ brother writes a letter to Viserys explaining how Daemon is losing the war at the Stepstones. It is a request for help. Alicent convinces Viserys to send help to Daemon and Sea Snake. It’s what’s best for the Kingdom.

Laenor Velaryon in episode 3. (HBO)

‘You will not be supplanted’

Later, Rhaenyra and Viserys argue again. She is still angry about the Jason Lannister situation. Viserys apologizes and insists that she was only trying to help. He asks Rhaenyra why she always resists him. “Because you intend to replace me with Alicent Hightower’s son, the boy you always wanted… You don’t need me anymore,” Rhaenyra says.

Viserys swears that he has “misjudged” him. “I do not seek to replace you, child,” says Viserys. He just wants to see her happy and content. She calls him out for all this lead talk. If it was to his advantage, he would have married Laena Velaryon and not Alicent.

Viserys emphasizes that there is no way around the obvious. He says that Rhaenrya must marry to “strengthen her own claim, shore up her succession, multiply.” Viserys leaves it in his hands. “I hesitated once. But I swear to you now, in memory of your mother, that you will not be supplanted,” promises Viserys.

Daemon kills the crabeater

At the Stepstones, the Velaryons begin to discuss their next plan of attack without Daemon. There is definitely some tension there. Daemon rides Caraxes and reads Viserys’s letter that says he is sending help. Daemon returns to the battlefield and waves a white flag. The Crabman is shown.

Daemon emerges victorious in episode 3. (HBO)

When Daemon is surrounded by Crabfeeder’s men, he kneels with his sword. One of Crabfeeder’s men takes the sword from him. It’s all a ruse. Daemon stabs the man and kills him. The arrows come flying, but he manages to evade them. Daemon is still running.

More men charge at him. It’s a horrible fight. It’s Daemon against everyone. They shoot multiple arrows at him. Daemon really is about to lose the battle, but he has his sword ready for them. Just in the nick of time, Daemon’s soldiers arrive and Leanor saves him while she’s riding Seasmoke.

The battle continues and Daemon runs into the caves to personally pursue the Crabman. He retreats with Crabfeeder’s severed body. Daemon is covered in blood, but the war has been won.

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