'Don't Look Up' Adam McKay Donates $4 Million to Climate Emergency Fund and Joins Board - Deadline

‘Don’t Look Up’ Adam McKay Donates $4 Million to Climate Emergency Fund and Joins Board – Deadline

Adam McKay, who directed last year’s climate change satire don’t look up has donated $4 million to the Climate Emergency Fund and joined its board of directors. It is the largest personal contribution since the fund was founded in 2019.

“The Climate Emergency Fund is unique in its commitment to funding civil, nonviolent and disruptive activism,” said the Oscar-winning filmmaker. “We are past the time of courtesy, the past time of small steps. I am proud to support their efforts and ask others to join me in doing all we can to avert the impact of the rapidly worsening climate crisis.”

Adam McKay Made ‘Don’t Look Up’ Because Climate Crisis Isn’t Years Away, “It’s Right Now” – Contenders Movie: The Nominees

The fund was formed in 2019 as a bridge between philanthropy and climate activism. According to its website, CEF has funded more than 90 organizations and trained more than 22,000 climate activists, disbursing more than $4 million this year alone. As an unendowed fund, it relies on donors to raise money, which it then deploys strategically among activist groups using disruptive protest and demanding transformative rather than incremental change.

“Don’t look up”

by McKay don’t look up which garnered four Oscar nominations, including Best Picture, follows two low-level astronomers who embark on a media tour to warn humanity of an approaching asteroid that will destroy Earth. The Netflix photo, in which Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence headlined a renowned cast, points to our ignorance of climate change, our politics and our obsession with technology. Read the script here and Deadline’s review here.

Meanwhile, Disney heiress, social activist and philanthropist Abigail Disney said she is ready to announce a $200,000 commitment to the Climate Emergency Fund.

“Past generations have failed us, and now it’s up to us to take swift action to avert climate disaster,” he said. “I am proud to support Adam to support the brave activists that the Climate Emergency Fund supports and ask others to do the same. No time to lose”.

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