Elizabeth Banks Says 'Charlie's Angels' Wasn't a Feminist Manifesto – Deadline

Elizabeth Banks Says ‘Charlie’s Angels’ Wasn’t a Feminist Manifesto – Deadline

An interview with Elizabeth Banks at the New York Times linked to the premiere of his new film call jane became for a time an exploration of an older film directed by Banks, Charlie’s Angels.

Banks called it “a long conversation that I don’t know if I want to be in on.”

Pressed by interviewer David Marchese, Banks said she is proud of the film and the actors who star in it. She later rejected what she sees as a narrative that has been developed about the film.

“There was a story around Charlie’s Angels that I was creating some feminist manifesto. She was just doing an action movie,” Banks said plainly. “I would have liked to have done Mission Impossiblebut women are not leading Mission Impossible. Frankly, I was able to direct an action movie because it featured women and I’m a director, and that’s the limit right now in Hollywood. I wish the movie hadn’t been billed as just for girls, because I didn’t make it just for girls. There was a disconnect on the marketing side for me.”

When asked about the paradigm that put her in that “girls only” box, Banks was reluctant to explain the restrictions imposed by others. Instead, she threw the question at the Times interviewer.

“I would love for you to interview studio heads and corporations and ask them these questions, because I can’t figure it out. I’m putting my head down and showing these big corporations that if they give women the opportunity to do this work, they can make a good product that can make a profit for them. It is a male dominated industry. It is a world dominated by men. That’s what I’m facing, but I can’t figure it out and I don’t really want to parse it. It’s not interesting to me. It puts me, frankly, in a position where the studio head will read it in The New York Times and say, ‘Wow, that Liz Banks has a lot to say.’ I don’t need that extra pressure. I really feel like it’s dangerous to talk about these things right now.”

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She continued, “I am not trying to shirk my responsibility. I just want the framing device around me not to be consistently that I’m some kind of feminist activist.”

Once again, Banks tried to steer the conversation away from the 2019 film and onto his new project.

“Look, I did a piece of political art called call jane. It is about reproductive justice for women. I understand that it is a topic of conversation.”

“I’m asking about these things because I’m interested,” Marchese replied.

“I appreciate it,” Banks replied, before explaining that his involvement goes beyond interest. “I can talk to you all day about feminist issues, but you’re never going to have a deep understanding because it’s not something that happens in your life… It’s an intellectual exercise for you and it’s an emotional exercise for me. They are the parameters in which I live my life, I do my work”.

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