Emily Maitlis, Prince Andrew's interviewer, says Royal 'had guts to speak out' – Deadline

Emily Maitlis, Prince Andrew’s interviewer, says Royal ‘had guts to speak out’ – Deadline

Emily Maitlis, whose notorious interview with Prince Andrew forced the disgraced man to announce his departure from public life, revealed that she thinks the prince had “behaved quite well”.

The former BBC presenter, who interviewed the prince for her flagship program news night program, said The times that the duke’s behavior compared favorably with that of most politicians.

She said: “I felt that he had behaved quite well. He had given us this hour in the palace and was willing to talk about things. Most politicians now won’t even talk about their own policies. So at least he had guts.

And he shared his feeling that the prince had also enjoyed the interview, not knowing the pain it would bring him. She said, “He spent a lot of time afterwards chatting with us and allowing us to take photos going down the halls. She even gave me this guided tour, saying, ‘Her Majesty of her is walking up these stairs. Next time you come back I’ll have to show you more. And do you know what’s behind that door?’”

It was clear that neither the prince, his people nor the palace firmament in general predicted the backlash to the interview, in which he showed no remorse for his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein, showed no sympathy for Epstein’s victims, and so did saw strangely. explain how he could not have been seen dancing, looking “sweaty” in a nightclub as detailed by his alleged victim Virginia Guiffre, as she had a condition that meant he couldn’t sweat.

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Maitlis said The times, “The palace told us it was ‘firm but fair.’ I don’t think they realized how the public or the press would react. They certainly weren’t expecting the furore.”

Two TV dramas about the interview are now in production, one based on the book. tablespoonswritten by Maitlis’s then-producer Sam McAllister and another by Blueprint Productions, which previously brought to the screen the scandals involving British politician Jeremy Thorpe and the Duchess of Argyll, respectively, A very English scandal Y A very British scandal. Maitlis is working with the latter company.

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