Erica Banks lists the physical traits that her friends must meet to party with her

Erica Banks lists the physical traits that her friends must meet to party with her

A few weeks after the backlash over twerking in a high schoolevent, erica banks It was again a trending topic on social networks this week. Apparently, someone leaked a video that the rapper posted to her close friends on her Instagram. In it, Erica described the physical traits that her friends must possess to go clubbing with her. So naturally, people either broke Erica or sympathized. Still, by early Tuesday morning (September 20), Erica was clapping her hands and doubling down on what she said in the leaked video.

“Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I have never been one to convince people to like mine,” Erica tweeted. “My preference of who to club with when it comes to my brand has nothing to do with you guys. They never liked me anyway, so why would I care what they think about everything I say?

Chunky and fashionable among Erica’s list of required friendship traits

The rapper’s tweet above came after the leaked clip made its rounds online. The viral video is less than a minute long. Erica mainly talked about the aesthetics that her friends need to know to spend a night on the town with her.

“If it doesn’t look like I want it to look physically, I don’t want it to come,” Erica said. “Because the look of everything is very important to me. Like, if she’s not thick enough, no. Was her hair not good enough? No. Can’t you get dressed? No. Skinny? Nope.”

Erica explained that her intention is not to discriminate against anyone but to maintain her brand.

“And it’s like I don’t feel like I’m discriminating, I just want a certain type of look,” Erica said. “She might be the sweetest girl I’ve ever met, but if she doesn’t look good, I don’t want her to come. As if that’s not the vibe I’m on. Now she can come to the cookout. She can come to a listening party. But the club? I feel like bs has to look a certain way to come.”

Erica Shows Love To Skinny Women Amid Backlash

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After Erica’s initial tweet doubled down on her preferences, the rapper returned with more explanation. He redirected some of his energy into showing love to “thin/smaller” women he might have offended.

“Lastly, I love my skinny/smaller women with a passion. Let’s not misunderstand,” Erica tweeted. “However, when I go to the CLUB, I want thick butts shaking ass everywhere! That’s my vibe. There are even skinny women in my music videos, most of them chosen by me, so enough.”

As mentioned, social media users either agreed with or criticized Erica’s listing. Others pointed out the hypocrisy in Erica’s statements given that she announced surgical enhancements to her body in April of this year. For example, Twitter user @_BriBri_DatsME tweeted at Erica, “but before you became a rapper with money and your body made who you were before”, adding that Erica “better humble” herself.

“I was still Erica Banks, dumbass,” Erica tweeted in response. “A BBL doesn’t solidify who I am and I can hang out with whoever I choose.”

Twitter users discuss Erica’s comments

Keep scrolling to see what conversations inspired Erica’s video and tweets.

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