(Exclusive) Beloved TikTok couple at the murder investigation center

(Exclusive) Beloved TikTok couple at the murder investigation center

Johntae Collier and Eric Dodds, an influencer couple also known for their hundreds of thousands of social media followers as @eandjgang, are now under investigation for murder.

Police began investigating the two TikTok stars, both 23, after a series of eyewitness accounts linked them to the shooting of 28-year-old Dakota Bradshaw.

Dodds posted a video online for his more than 800,000 followers claiming that Collier, who was arrested first, was innocent and doing well. However, Dodds himself was arrested just a few days later.

Despite witnesses connecting their vehicles to the crime scene, both Collier and Dodds maintain their innocence. Could this all be a misunderstanding?

Or is there more to this story than meets the eye? The Shade Room investigates…

Fatal shooting rocks small Georgia town, witnesses come forward with information

Bradshaw’s shooting death took place on August 1 in the small town of Rossville, Georgia, just over the Tennessee border, with a population of just 4,000.

Walker County Sheriff Steve Wilson said he received a 911 call about shots fired at a residence, where authorities discovered Bradshaw clinging to life from gunshot wounds.

He was rushed to hospital, where he later died.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation later obtained a murder warrant after Wilson says witnesses began sharing their account of what happened.

That led to Johntae Collier’s first arrest on August 8.

“So, for the last few days, I’ve been seeing a lot of things being said about John in the media, everyone is worried about John, (asking) is he okay? Has he done something to someone? The answer is no, he hasn’t done anything to anyone,” said Eric Dodds in the final video of him posted on TikTok on August 16.

The suspects are boyfriends, social media influencers with almost a million followers on TikTok

Collier and Dodds were dating and influencers who shared more than 800,000 followers on the popular social media app at the time of their arrest.

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In photo: Eric Dodds, 23, left, and Johntae Collier, 23, right (Courtesy of the Walker County Sheriff’s Office)

“You’ll meet John,” Eric could be heard saying in his last TikTok video before his own arrest. “He is the most caring and free-spirited person I know.”

Just one day after Dodds’ last TikTok post, he himself was arrested in connection with the murder.

“Early on we started working with witnesses and people who lived in the community, and we were able to develop leads that in about 8 to 12 hours put us on a path that ultimately led us to (those) two individuals,” the county sheriff said. of Walker. Steve Wilson said.

Multiple witnesses reported seeing two people who resembled Collier and Dodds, whom police began a manhunt to find.

The two vehicles of the suspects allegedly used in connection with the crime

His two vehicles, a Dodge Ram and a Dodge Challenger, which had often featured prominently in his TikTok videos, were reportedly also used in connection with the crime.

Bradshaw was allegedly standing by a window inside a home when he was fatally shot. The suspects, according to police, were parked in the driveway before fleeing in a red pickup truck that resembled the couple’s red Dodge Ram.

Pictured: Victim Dakota Bradshaw (courtesy of Facebook)

Police instigated a search warrant more than 100 miles away in Huntsville, Alabama, where Collier was arrested. He has since waived extradition and is back in Walker County.

Police said they don’t know why the couple drove so far to allegedly commit the crime and have not yet released a motive.

In Dodd’s final TikTok video before his arrest, he told fans and followers that the pair would be back together making videos in no time.

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The victim’s family expresses their pain on social networks and demands justice for Dakota Bradshaw

Meanwhile, Dakota Bradshaw’s family took to Facebook to express their grief in the wake of her death.

“Well I put my baby to bed yesterday,” Bradshaw’s mother, Tracy Bankston, wrote. “This is a pain that no mother should have to go through. Dakota, I’m not sure why this happened to you, son, but, honey, I promise nothing will stop your mother until everyone involved in this pays for what they’ve done to you. You know I love you baby, with all my heart.”

Authorities said that while they still aren’t sure who exactly pulled the trigger, they are well aware of the couple’s online presence.

Sheriff Wilson went on to say that the investigation is still ongoing. He asked anyone else with information about the crime to come forward.

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