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Our Facebook Marketing Services are designed to generate authentic business leads and deliver measurable results.

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For top-notch Facebook Marketing Services in Australia, choose Mad Over Brands. As a leading Facebook Marketing Agency in Australia, we provide three customized Facebook marketing plans to assist our clients in achieving their marketing objectives through effective Facebook campaigns.

Why Should You Invest In Facebook Marketing Services?


Our team creates and posts original content regularly to engage with your audience. We ensure that your followers are updated on new products or services, thus keeping them engaged.

Page Promotion

We run ads on your Facebook business page to increase likes, comments, and follows. This helps in brand promotion and creates awareness.


Promptly responding to your brand's followers helps in building trust and loyalty. We handle negative feedback and keep you informed of your brand's perception among users.

Facebook Fans

We strive to keep your company in the limelight by engaging with your followers. You can benefit from a large following on Facebook.

Paid Promotion

Our team designs unique and targeted Facebook ads to generate leads and increase revenue from Facebook lead generation on a daily basis.

What do we do?

We take pride in providing unparalleled Facebook marketing services that cater to small businesses, medium-sized firms, and e-commerce enterprises. With our expertise in Facebook advertising, we can help your company achieve new heights.

Our plans include:

  • Personalized approach for each business
  • Boosting of posts
  • Dedicated Facebook manager for constant tracking and analysis of performance
  • Increased organic postings for greater audience reach
  • Frequent analysis and reporting of page performance
  • Facebook audit and competitor analysis
  • Creation of profile and cover photos
  • Optimization of ad campaigns
  • Development of ad creatives, including copies, pictures, and graphics
  • Regular consultations to ensure maximum impact.

Facebook Advertising Services cater to various objectives, including:

Using Facebook Marketing Services can provide numerous benefits for businesses:

How Effective are Facebook Marketing Services?

Your website's content is a priceless asset that contributes to the success of your company. Besides that, you need to update it frequently to maintain your website competitively. And "Mad Over Brands" is fully aware of this. In keeping with this, we put together the tastiest, most appetizing, and most fascinating online material packed with features like:
Approximately 53% of those who use it are likely to make a live chat purchase of the brand's product.
2.11 billion people are within Facebook's potential advertising reach.
Facebook stories are used by almost 50% of customers to engage with new brands.
In comparison to other social networks, a sizable portion of the American population claims that Facebook has the biggest influence on their purchasing decisions.

We meet your expectations as a trusted Facebook advertising agency

  • Set up a Facebook page.
  • We Post Frequently.
  • Answer each insightful comment.
  • React to unfavorable remarks with your approval.
  • Create campaigns to boost shares and likes.
  • Improve Facebook Cover Page user interaction by making changes.
  • Depending on your requirements, we can provide a weekly or monthly report.
  • Optimize the outcomes after analysis.
  • Design strategies to draw in local, national, and international clients based on their demands.
  • Deliver the best outcomes for a lower cost.

Facebook Advertising Services Offer a Range of Goals

At Mad Over Brands, we recognize the significance of developing engaging Facebook ad designs that successfully draw in and inspire potential customers. Our team works to seamlessly convey your brand message to your target audience using a variety of Facebook ad types, such as photo and image advertisements, video ads, slideshows, carousels, and collections of photos. When you use our services, we take the time to choose the Facebook ad style that will produce the highest return on investment for your company. Our team of skilled graphic designers and video professionals collaborates to produce high-quality Facebook ads that effectively communicate your message to your target audience. We guarantee that your Facebook ad campaign stands out in the competitive digital space and generates satisfactory outcomes for your company with our experience and meticulous attention to detail.

Writing effective Facebook ads:

A campaign’s success depends on its Facebook ads. It’s crucial to have a specific goal in mind before launching your commercials, whether it’s to sell a product or raise brand awareness. Understanding your target market is essential, and your ad content should communicate to these consumers the special qualities and advantages of your brand or product. Our staff of talented copywriters at “MAD OVER BRANDS” can create engaging advertisements that are relevant to your target market. We can help your Facebook advertisements generate more interaction, leads, and conversions for your company by concentrating on the right content and using convincing language.

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