Florida woman charged with putting alcohol in baby bottle

Florida woman charged with putting alcohol in baby bottle

A Florida mother was arrested last week after intentionally putting alcohol in her baby’s bottle earlier this month, causing the child to become ill.

Cecil Bryant, 28, of Pensacola, was arrested on Friday, November 18, according to the ABC affiliate. WEAR-TV, and later charged with aggravated child abuse, according to an arrest report.

Florida woman accused of giving baby watermelon vodka at a Halloween party, according to police report

The outlet reports that on the night of Tuesday, November 1, the child in question had a blood alcohol level of .142 after being tested by an investigator with the Department of Children and Family Services before notifying the policeman.

A witness told police that he was having a Halloween party the night before, when Bryant allegedly offered to make bottles for the children. After feeding her son that night and the next morning, The boy reportedly fell asleep from time to time and began to vomit.

The witness, described as a female, told authorities that the bottle in question smelled like “watermelon alcohol smell.” She then tasted the contents of the bottle and sure enough, noticed a Smirnoff watermelon flavor.

A surveillance camera recording in the woman’s living room reportedly shows Bryant picking up the bottle and returning from the kitchen “while stirring a liquid in the bottle as if mixing formula,” according to the police report.

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Mother since out on bail, nurses found the boy had a blood alcohol level of .142

Bryant then handed the bottle to the woman, who in turn began feeding it to the baby, according to the outlet.

Investigators eventually examined the bottle and determined that it “emulated an odor of watermelon alcohol,” according to WEAR-TV.

Previously, the woman had taken the child to a nearby hospital, where nurses found the baby’s blood alcohol level to be .142, a level dangerously close to severe toxicity.

Meanwhile, WEAR-TV reports that investigators determined that Bryant “knowingly and willfully performed an intentional act that could reasonably cause great bodily harm or permanent disability/disfigurement to [the baby].”

(Photo by Rick Kern/Getty Images for Smirnoff)

Bryant has since been released from the Escambia County Jail on $7,500 bond.

The news comes weeks after two other Florida parents endangered their children during a high-speed shooting.

Last month, the shadow room reported on other Florida parents endangering their children, after two “crazy” parents face attempted murder charges after they reportedly shot each other in a Florida Road rage incident, with bullets from each man striking the other’s infant daughter in the middle of the melee, authorities say.

William Hale, 35, of Georgia, and local Frank Allison, 43, fired at each other’s vehicles with semi-automatic pistols during the high-speed “cat and mouse” chase on Oct. 8, only arresting each other. after they pulled out and started fighting right there on the road, according to the Nassau County Sheriff’s Office.

Hale’s 5-year-old daughter was shot in the leg and Allison’s 14-year-old daughter was shot in the back, leaving her with a collapsed lung, Nassau County Sheriff Bill Leeper confirmed during an interview. Facebook Press conference.

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Body camera footage taken from the responding officer and obtained by News4Jax showed the aftermath of the incident.

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