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Beard Grooming Tips

Love and Thicker Beard! Yes, true love is like a beard, it never ends, it only grows. But both of them are difficult to get. Let us talk about the later. It is at any point of this never-ending journey, you may have the questions like how long does it take to grow a beard? or how to grow facial hair faster? We are trying to give all the possible answers to such questions here.

A man is a man enough to grow an awesome beard. And If you had to learn shaving hard way then shave the head and have a goatee! Believe it or not, it is customary to grow a beard for a hot, masculine, attractive look. All it takes is a wise counsel regarding how to grow more facial hair? It is obviously frustrating if you have trouble growing beard especially when it is patchy and scraggy. But you should not lose hope and try the following tips to grow a thicker beard.

Qualities of Thicker Beard

There are some essential qualities of a thicker beard. These include the thickness, liveliness, and length of the beard. Thicker beard reflects the number of hairs a man has in his beard. Liveliness reflects that a thicker beard if full of life. With proper beard thickener and care towards a thin beard can make it into a lively beard. The length quality as the name reflects shows the length of your beard.

The quality of a thicker beard that fascinates most of the men is the thickness of the beard. the probability of having a thicker beard depends on your genetics as well. Men having a higher level of testosterone usually have a thicker beard. But this doesn’t mean that you cannot have a thicker beard. if we need to put this in measurable terms then we can say that thickness depends 85% on the genes. This means the rest 15% is in your hands to have a thicker beard.

What Makes A Thin Beard Turn Into A Thicker Beard?

The time interval during which the beard grows is usually 2 to 3 weeks. But some may have to wait for a longer time to achieve this. The illusion of someone having a thicker beard is usually because of three factors:
The beard color: the color of a thicker beard is quite dense and dark. This makes the beard look fuller and thicker.
The beard density: the beard density of a thicker beard makes the beard look fuller. This makes men think that their beard is growing faster. But this is not true.
The diameter of the hair strands: Thicker hair follicle also makes the beard look much thicker than others.

It’s not only the genes that play a role in a thicker beard. But it also depends on age as well as on the overall health of the person. In the first few years when the hair follicles begin to grow, only a few men have a thicker beard, even if they have good beard genes. During the early twenties, the process of beard growth starts until it reaches its potential. Generally around 30 the beard is fully grown. Even after this age if you do not have a thicker beard, then you must know that beard is not in your genes.

The Four-Week Rule

The four-week rule simply aims at complete grooming of the beard for achieving a thicker beard. impeding the growth of the beard in the early stages causes a thin beard.
It happens quite often that the beard leads to itching in the first few weeks of growth to some men. This makes them trim it before reaching the thicker beard state. Beard itching maybe because of 2 reasons. The first one is poor conditioning of the growing hair follicles. The second one is the new beard causes some itchiness for a few times. This disappears after a while.

How To Grow A Beard?

Have Patience

First of all, it is not an overnight metamorphosis. All you need to have is patience. If you let your beard have enough time to grow and have patience, the end result will be astounding. Here is how to grow new hair for the first time. Give your facial hair at least fortnight to grow without disturbance. Resist any kind of urge of trimming and shaping them. You may have annoying itching during this period. New hair starts showing on your face. You can start considering supplements for beard growth which help to make your hair grow faster. It may look and feel weird if you’re growing the beard for the first time.

For another fortnight, you can keep a close watch to your hair growth pattern and shape. Your beard will become more tangible. As the things fall into place, you can start trimming patchy edges and making its shape more definite. You can also comb your beard hair and let them come together. Sandalwood comb for beard hair or any high-quality brush is a ‘must have’ for your beard kit.

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Use Beard Accelerator

When it comes to ‘growing more hair’,  Minoxidil is the first name which comes to mind. Minoxidil beard results are excellent.  It is popularly known as ROGAINE. Minoxidil is an antihypertensive medicine.  It has a side effect of accelerated hair growth. Minoxidil is the only topical ingredient approved by the FDA for hair regrowth. Minoxidil works well on the scalp as well as the face.

Minoxidil comes in 2 forms that are Minoxidil foam and Minoxidil liquid.

1 Minoxidil foam – ROGAINE for beards

Minoxidil – ROGAINE form is the most popular version used for hair . It’s more expensive than liquid Minoxidil.

Wash your face thoroughly before applying it. Take a suggested amount of half of the container’s cap on wet hand and apply thoroughly on the beard hair and it readily dries. Minoxidil can be used more than once a day but wait 8 to 12 hours between applications.

2 Minoxidil liquid such as Kirkland minoxidil beard growth liquid.

This original Minoxidil liquid version is less expensive than foam, but it takes longer to dry. It can be applied twice a day. Wash your face first then use the amount of liquid that’s measured out in the dropper which comes with this product and apply on your beard area. Use your fingers to rub the solution into your facial hair gently and thoroughly.

The side effects of using it are dry skin, low blood pressure, and weight gain.

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How To Grow A Full Beard?

This question strikes in the mind of every man who thinks he has a thin beard. The answer is not so difficult to be stated. The first and the foremost thing every man should adopt is to boycott all those habits that affect the full beard growth. These include trimming it too early before it gets a little bit longer, adopting a poor diet along with improper skin care techniques. Avoiding these things is taking one step forward towards having a full beard and getting rid of the thin beard.
Following the given tips for a growing beard and achieve a thicker beard can help you achieve the purpose.

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1. Proper Skincare

The solution of thicker beard stands on the base of a thicker beard. a good moisturizer proves to be your helping hand to have a good beard. Taking care of your skin for healthy mustache includes regularly cleansing and washing your face. Along with this exfoliation of the skin and removal of dead skin cells is also a vital step to make the hair thicker. For good skin health, a good moisturizer will be your companion. Regular use will have you achieve a thicker beard.

2. Step Towards Exercising

Exercising regularly will help you eliminate your thin beard. Exercising is one of the strongest tombs on which thicker beard stands. Exercises like brisk walking, cycling, cardio workouts, and running help in achieving your dream of thicker beard. The testosterone levels get increased due to regular exercising which in turn promotes thicker beard hair growth.
Exercising also improves blood circulation. This blood circulation provides nutrients to the hair follicles which make the hair grow thicker. Thus for saying no to thin beard, start saying yes to exercise.

3. Say No To Stress

Stress increases cortisol in the body. This affects the testosterone level in the body. This, in turn, affects thicker beard growth. The blood vessel also gets constrained due to stress. This prevents proper nutrition of the hair follicles. Men suffering from short term stress are not able to sleep properly. This, in turn, affects the beard growth. Thus reducing stress level is a must for ensuring thicker beard growth.
Adopting meditation is a good way of reducing stress levels. Eliminating stress surely helps in achieving good and healthy thicker beards.

4. Getting Proper Rest

Sleeping helps in regenerating testosterone in your body. The process is proper if you sleep at least 8 hours a night. Thus proper sleep also reduces the stress level in your body. This all helps in achieving a thicker beard.

5. Paying Importance To Diet

More vegetables form an integral part of a vitamin-rich diet. The minerals packed in these vegetables are essential for your body so that it stays healthy. Hairs are protein filament. This means the more you eat nutrient and protein-rich food, the more you will have a thicker beard. Food products like nuts, kale and egg help in improving testosterone levels in your body and paves way for thicker beard growth.

6. In Taking Supplements

Supplements along with a healthy diet help in the growth of thicker beards. Zinc, copper, vitamin B, Vitamin E, Vitamin D, all play an important role in increasing hair growth.

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Biotin Supplements For Thicker Beard

Biotin is a vitamin B₇ which is from the vitamin B complex. It is a water-soluble vitamin that is an essential nutrient found in banana, carrots, mushrooms,  cauliflower, egg yolks, liver,  yeast, etc. It produces keratin in our body which is the structural base of hair,  nail, and skin. So biotin is the best vitamin for beard growth.  Biotin is the prescribed vitamin for nail growth in certain nail related conditions, for example, brittle nail which is caused by its deficiency.
It works well when ingested in the body.  So it should be taken as the form of supplements for beard growth. It also makes hair healthier overall. It is useful in conditions like patchy and thin beard and slow growth as it promotes the growth of the beard hair. However external use of biotin in the form of shampoo is not supported by enough scientific evidence. The recommended amount by the merchandise is 2.5 MG per day but there is no evidence-based recommended dietary allowance.
There are definitely side effects associated with it for example skin rashes, deficiency in other vitamins, high blood-sugar levels, weight gain, upset digestion, kidney problems, and overdose.

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Beard Grooming Products

Facial hair is deferent from the hair on your head. So they need distinct care. There is a wide range of products from sandalwood beard comb to beard growth pomade, beard shampoos and conditioners available for your beard kit. These products claim to clean and nourish the beard hair and the skin underneath. Some of them are in form of beard wash or leave in a beard balm. Most of them are infused with natural ingredients. Which cleanse, soften and detangle beard hair and nourishes the skin underneath. Thus preventing beardruff and patchy beard growth and making sure that your beard looks fuller and thicker. Certain vitamins in their natural ingredients are claimed to promote hair growth. Overall these products help for clean, soft, detangled, well groomed, even looking beard.

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Lifestyle changes

As we mentioned earlier growing a sublime beard is not an overnight transfiguration. You need to have some regular disciplinary changes in your lifestyle. There are certainly important areas like diet, exercise, rest,  stress relief which needs to be healthier for promoting your beard growth.

Diet: Healthier dietary choices makes a positive impact on your healthy beard growth. All you need to do is eat healthy to feed healthy to your beard. Apart from supplements, there are certain naturally derived food sources for the vitamins and nutrients your beard needs to grow healthier.

Following are the food sources from which you can get these essential vitamins and nutrients.

Vitamin A and Beta A carotene –  carrots,  sweet potatoes,  spinach,  Kale,  egg yolks.

Vitamin B6, B12, and Biotin – As mentioned earlier in the importance of vitamin B complex for beard growth its food sources are banana, carrots, mushrooms,  cauliflower, egg yolks, liver,  yeast, fish, poultry, nuts, brown rice, eggs, oatmeal, and wheat germ.

Vitamin C –  Which is essential for sebum (natural oil) production for that luscious looking beard. Food sources are citrus fruits, green peppers, broccoli, spinach, mangoes, almonds, peanut butter, and sunflower seeds.

Protein and omega 3 fatty acids are also growth enhancing nutrients for the body which can be derived from fish, lean meats, poultry, eggs, legumes, rice, beans, etc. Omega-3 fatty acids rich sources are fatty fish like salmon, as well as in flaxseed oil and walnuts.

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Exercise promotes optimal health.  It is undoubtedly essential for a healthy lifestyle. Exercise increases blood circulation in your body. It also releases toxic and wastes products from your body through sweating. Thus unclogging the hair follicles. Which is good for healthy hair growth. It also boosts testosterone hormone associated with masculinity and thus beards growth.

Stress Relief

It’s important because stress building over a period of time adversely affects the body. And thus the growth of the facial hair. Relaxation,  meditation,  outdoors,  music and encounters with mother nature help in stress relief.


irregular and reduced sleep has a negative impact on your overall health. Having regular and enough sleep promotes health as well as healthy beard growth.

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Aesthetic Procedures

There are certain aesthetic procedures which come to help when all of the above does not work! For example, if you have struggle growing a thicker beard due to genetic inclination. That means what you get from your father and forefathers (genes) have 85% impact on the thickness of your facial hair. We are discussing the following 2 procedures here.

  1. Beard Implant
  2. Hormone Therapy

Beard Implant

In beard implant, some hairs from your head are taken and surgically implanted on your bare facial area.  You can have your choice of shape for the beard. But it is an expensive procedure.

Hormone Therapy

If the cause for your beard growing struggle male hormone deficiency,  hormone therapy works. The hormone is provided to the body by pills or injection. It does not have a higher success rate as in beard implant.  It also poses certain health risks.

So we wish you good luck for your beard growing journey and the ways which are mentioned above are helping in promoting overall health so you must have the courage to let it grow, grow and grow.

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