How England's Currency Will Change After Queen Elizabeth's Death

How England’s Currency Will Change After Queen Elizabeth’s Death

King Charles IIIThe portrait will soon appear on wallets.

After the passage of Queen Elizabeth IIThe Bank of England will print new banknotes bearing the image of Charles, who became king after the death of his mother on September 8. For those wondering if their Queen Elizabeth notes will soon become a relic of the past, the Bank of England issued a statement detailing how Her Majesty will continue to be remembered through the country’s currency.

The late Monarch has appeared on banknotes since 1960, after the UK Treasury granted the Bank of England permission in 1954 to use her portrait on currency. The Bank of England currently circulates £5 with Winston Churchill£10 with Jane Austen£20 with JMW Turner and €50 with Alan Turing banknotes, they will soon be joined by the portrait of Charles.

Read on for more details on England’s money after the Queen’s death.

How will the currency change after Queen Elizabeth’s death?

King Carlos III will appear on the new banknotes from 2024, although money with the Queen’s portrait will remain valid.

Will King Carlos III be in the pound?

Yes, the portrait of King Charles will appear on the front of all the notes, while the other iconic British figures will be on the reverse. The Bank of England states that “no further changes to banknote designs will be made”.

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