Jason Bergsman, AGBO CEO of Russo Bros, will leave the company this fall – Deadline

Jason Bergsman, AGBO CEO of Russo Bros, will leave the company this fall – Deadline

EXCLUSIVE: Jason Bergsman, a seasoned business executive who helped Joe and Anthony Russo build AGBO into a formidable content provider, will step down as CEO of the company this fall.

Indications are that the parting of ways is amicable and stems from a misalignment between AGBO’s current evolutionary stage and Bergsman’s long-term professional interests. He has agreed to stay for the next 60 days.

AGBO has a number of high profile projects underway and is coming off the highest profile to date, the gray manwhich is one of the most-watched feature films in Netflix history, according to the company.

Before joining AGBO in 2020, Bergsman was a partner and founding member of The Chernin Group, where he primarily focused on building, acquiring and investing in digital media companies. He served on the board of Crunchyroll and remains a board member of MeatEater, an outdoor lifestyle media and e-commerce company that he launched. Prior to TCG, Bergsman worked in business development at NBC Universal, corporate strategic planning at Disney, and investment banking at Goldman Sachs.

Below are two internal memos distributed to AGBO staff: one from Russos and AGBO Co-Founder and Vice President Mike Larocca; and the other from Bergsman.

Dear AGBO Team,

We want to share some important organizational news. Having accomplished many of the key goals that he initiated since he joined AGBO, Jason Bergsman made the decision to leave the company.

Since Jason joined as CEO in early 2020, we are very pleased that AGBO has made great progress on many fronts under Jason’s leadership. He has made significant contributions as we continue to build AGBO into a well capitalized, smooth running, and uniquely positioned independent entertainment company.

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During his tenure, Jason led a streamlining of the Company’s lines of business; he worked with creative leadership to craft our universe-focused creative strategy that leverages AGBO’s unique in-house talent; and he pursued a business strategy that reflects and supports this creative positioning and the full potential of franchising.

Jason has also been an integral part of building our excellent senior management team and put the company on a strong financial footing, working with key AGBO executives to lead AGBO’s financing and partnership deal with the Asian giant of the Nexon game. As we have previously shared, this partnership provides AGBO with capital and a broad two-way strategic relationship that firmly embeds gaming in AGBO’s future.

We will always be grateful for Jason’s strategic and operational leadership, and the lasting benefit his contributions will have on our team, culture and the Company’s advancement.

Jason is leaving in place a strong team of long-term and recently hired creative leaders who are extremely well-suited to lead the Company into the future. To ensure a smooth transition, Jason has agreed to remain CEO for the next 60 days and work closely with company leadership.

Thank you,

joe anthony and mike


AGBO colleagues:

First, thank you Joe and Anthony for your kind words here and for your cooperation and support in general.

I am tremendously proud of the work we have all done together since I joined AGBO in early 2020. Beyond many of the collective achievements Joe and Anthony so kindly cited, we have polished AGBO’s well-deserved reputation and built a strong foundation. for continued success for years to come.

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When I joined the company, I did so with great confidence in the unparalleled capabilities of our AGBO team and the prospect of aligning them to meet the demands of a vibrant but changing marketplace. But what I didn’t realize on day one was how inspired and empowered I would be by the creative energy here and the spirit of collaboration that flows through everything we do.

I have enjoyed working with and learning from each of you. Although we have collectively accomplished much, I have made the decision to move forward knowing that there is much more to come thanks to all of your valuable contributions and the leadership of our amazing management team.

My best wishes,


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