John Boyega Reveals His Dating Preferences, Says "I Like My Black Women"

John Boyega Reveals His Dating Preferences, Says “I Like My Black Women”

John Boyega He doesn’t compromise when it comes to his love life. the king woman The actor has made it clear, twice this week, that he prefers to have affairs with black women, period, period blank.

He first spoke about dating in an interview with british gq published on September 13. The meeting highlighted the span of his career of appearances in three Star Wars films until his last role as King Ghezo in king woman, Starring Viola Davis.

Towards the end of the interview, Boyega spoke about his personal goals since he turned 30 in March. He stated that work and love are a priority, but made it clear that she dates under a rigid rule.

“I only hang out with Black,” John said. “So it’s about chemistry, personality, goals. Is there a synergy? I can help? Can you help me?” he said.

Run back! John bets on dating only black women

Later in the week, John was adamant about his dating preference during an interview with the breakfast club published on September 16. As the dating conversation began, John questioned Charlamagne Tha God’s martial status and his allegiance to black love. Charlemagne confirmed his marriage to a black woman named Jessica Gadsgen.

The two talked about the importance of matchmaking conversations at home about blackness. In the words of Charlamagne, Boyega verified that the presenter was not speaking “So black and sleeping white.”

Angela Yee asked John if he had ever dated a white woman, to which he said yes, but stated that it was nothing serious.

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“I’ve said it openly, but it’s just a preference, I like my black women,” John said. “Just separate from a political statement or something, they’re fine as hell. Melanin levels need to be above 75 percent, thickness needs to be there, style needs to be there. We get to laugh at the same jokes. Hit with the same music. It has to be a flow.”

John went on to explain why it makes sense for him to date a black woman.

“I’m trying to have conversations where I can talk shit behind closed doors,” John said. “I’m trying to tell the woman that she doesn’t… and she likes it, yes baby, yes you’re right. That is what I need. I need her to understand the anger or frustration of a black man. I need her to understand when certain guys walk into the room and the energy isn’t right and she just wants to calm down, baby. Cool. I need that. I need a black woman.”

See the full interview below. the king woman it was released in theaters in the United States on September 16.

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