JT slams critics after video of her stealing a fan's phone goes viral

JT slams critics after video of her stealing a fan’s phone goes viral

JT he turned warnings into action and ripped a fan’s phone off for allegedly recording their private conversation. Early Monday morning (September 12), a video of the interaction went viral. Before the day was out, the city ​​girls the rapper criticized critics. More than a few social media users suggested the fan should have reacted with physical violence. But JT made it clear that she wasn’t convinced of that.

“Why would he hit me? to record MY conversation? and playing lost,” tweeted JT. “I thought she was just taking a picture, her flash was on too long and I noticed it was a VIDEO and I reacted, I could have reacted how I wanted after that.”

The viral clip shows the rapper sitting in a club-like setting surrounded by an entourage, security, and fans. Yung Miami was a few meters away. The video shows JT turning behind her and yelling, “girl what the fuck…” before snatching the phone from the fan. He then began clicking and scrolling on the person’s phone while staying off camera.

“I’m sorry. What did I do? Are you crazy?” someone answers, presumably the owner of the phone.

JT claims that no one was listening to his words at the event

It is unclear who owns the phone. However, that didn’t stop people online from seeing themselves in his shoes.

A Twitter user (@_justmargo) wrote: “I love you to death JT my Sagittarius sister but I was definitely slapping you to the ground.” JT replied, “Girl, no you wouldn’t… but k.”

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Another Twitter user (@ay_ohkaay) told JT that there could be “use [her] words and not [her] hands.”

“I’ve been using my words all night, babe,” JT replied. “No one was listening, it was a lot that night. BUT I lived to tweet another day.”

Another user (@thatsjustasia) encouraged violence by the owner of the phone.

@thatsjustasia wrote: “I should have hit you. You don’t pay your bill, TF is wrong with you? Titled as f**k snatching someone’s phone. All of his favorites are weird, lmao, every last one of them.” JT replied, “I should have.”

JT demands that people show the positive highlights of the event

After a few tweets about the incident, the artist seemed fed up with criticizing critics. Instead, he challenged people to show his positive interactions with fans as well.

“PLEASE POST the videos of me taking people’s phones making videos saying happy birthday to them! POST the selfies I took all night with people,” JT tweeted. Please go to hell, she didn’t react with anything other than SORRY because she didn’t expect me to catch her, at least I got her phone back.”

To conclude her answers, the artist retweeted a message that said: “But if they ever try, it’s over.”

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