Jurassic Franchise Exceeds $6 Billion Worldwide;  After Ever Happy begins on the high seas – Deadline

Jurassic Franchise Exceeds $6 Billion Worldwide; After Ever Happy begins on the high seas – Deadline

Just like the last few weeks, we are still in a holding pattern at the international box office, waiting for major new studio releases. However, there were some milestones in this session, and Japan overall it’s been a bright spot with the local picture One Piece Film: Red and the continual pounding of Top Gun: Maverick while the market does most of the lifting to potentially push jurassic world domain through the $1B mark worldwide.

Japan this framework helped Universal/Amblin’s six-movie Jurassic franchise cross the $6 billion mark globally to $6.06 billion. The current fee jurassic world domainis now in a worldwide account of $990.4 million until Sunday. As we noted last weekend, Japan was the last major market to launch, and it may be the tipping point on whether the J.W.D. dino-meter clicks beyond $1B. The market was the top holdover with a 25% drop in its fifth frame, for a local cumulative of $40.9 million.

Offshore, J.W.D. I sat down $615.7 millionsurpassing no time to die to become the third-highest-grossing Hollywood film of the pandemic era abroad.

after we fell
voltage images

There I was some new blood in foreign markets as a late-summer romance outside the studio angled to heat and bother the turnstiles: Voltage Pictures’ after always happythe fourth film in the YA franchise, shot in more than 50 locations, grossing $7.9 million in his early bow. Those include the numbers 1 in Germany, Netherlands Y Russia (yes, Russia, more on that to come).

Overall Universal/Lighting Minions: The Rise of Gru led the game offshore with a $15 million weekend in 84 markets (-45%). The gang spent $500 million abroad on Thursday ($514M.1 until Sunday) and is promoting the five films My favorite villain franchise over $3B internationally. The world total is now $868.9 million.

Minions The Origin of Gru


Porcelain it reached 24.5 million dollars in its second session, only 43% less. Despite competition from local titles, Gru and the team are 65% ahead of the bad boys at the same point of release, trailing only that title as the second largest imported animation of 2022. ItalyThe second weekend added another $2 million for a cumulative $9.5 million, surpassing the shelf life of Toy Story 4, Sing Y monsters university in the market.

Notable markets include the United Kingdom ($50.6 million), Germany ($30.8 million), Japan ($30.3 million) and France ($23.5 million).

Bullet train

‘Bullet train’

sony Bullet train took out another $9.4 million (-36%) internationally to bring the cume from overseas to $95.4 million and worldwide for $173.6 million. The film had a soft opening in Korea this frame, at $908K, despite a hero’s welcome for Brad Pitt, who visited the market for the first time in eight years earlier this month. Korea was down overall with the top title Hunt adding $2.9M under the FSS for a cumulative $28.6M YTD.

universal Nope trotted in 20 more markets in the session for a total of 78. The weekend scared $8.3 million (-54% in carryovers) for a $31.1 million international cum. Global is now on $148.7 million. Of that, IMAX accounts for $13.1M.



Mexico it debuted at $900K this weekend at number 2 and took 25% of the market. The IMAX and 4D formats surpassed the norm. The opening was above that of Jordan Peele U.S Y Salt. Japan bowed out with $800K, almost three times as big as U.S and more than 3.5 times ahead of Salt.

Brazil scored the fourth biggest horror opening since the start of the pandemic at No. 1 $600K, up from Peele’s previous two titles. Saudi Arabia it was a No. 1 release with $500K.

Tops abroad in Nope so far they are United Kingdom ($7.26 million), Korea ($3.1 million), France ($3 million), Australia ($2.8 million) and Germany ($1.6 million).


Still flying around the world, Paramount/Skydance’s Top Gun: Maverick is now in $1.42 billion all over the world. That’s after a $6.7 million weekend in 64 offshore markets (-24%) and with a $731.2 million international cum. the United Kingdom is set to spend $100 million on the Tom Cruise leading man at any moment, currently sitting at $99.7 million after a $645K 14th shoot – that was down 5% from last week, which itself had been 28% ahead of the previous frame.

Elsewhere, Japan It’s down just 18% over the weekend and remains in second place on the chart for a total of $88.3 million year to date. behind Japan are Korea ($65.5 million), Australia ($62.8 million) and France ($55.9 million).

In IMAX, TGM it has grossed $104.7 million worldwide.

For titles in local languages, Alibaba New Gods: Yang Jian was the best movie again in Porcelain with an additional 88.1 million RMB ($12.84 million) for a cumulative RMB 297 million ($43.3 million). The IMAX portion is $4 million.


In Japanby Toei One Piece Film: Red it became the fifth-highest-grossing local title in IMAX history, grossing $5.3 million. Full box office numbers are yet to come, though the film passed 10 billion yen ($72 million) at the end of last week, the second-fastest milestone on the market.

Coming this week, there are a handful of new local titles in China, while the international launch kicks off on IMAX versions of Steven Spielberg classics. jaws Y ET the alien.


‘DC League of Super-Pets’
Everett Collection

DC League Of Super-Pets (BM): $4.4 million international weekend (71 markets); Cumulative $72.4 million international/$146.5 million global
Dragon Ball Super: Superhero (SNY/CRU): $4.2 million international weekend (34 markets); $19.9M Cumulative International ($38.4M including Japan via Toei)/$69.2M Worldwide
*Tad the lost explorer and the emerald tablet (PAR): $4.1 million international weekend (15 markets); 4.1 million international cumulative dollars
Beast (UNI): $4M International Weekend (60 markets); $16M cumulative international/$36.2M global
where the locusts sing (SNY): $2.6 million international weekend (23 markets); Cumulative $24.7 million international/$106.6 million global
Thor: love and thunder (DIS): $2.6 million international weekend (31 markets); Cumulative $410.1 million international/$746.7 million global
Jurassic World: Dominion (UNI): $2.1 million international weekend (86 markets); Cumulative $615.7 million international/$990.4 million global
Elvis (WB) – $1.9M International Weekend (64 markets); Cumulative $129.3 million international/$276.7 million global
*The invitation (SNY): $1.6 million international weekend (19 markets); $1.6M cumulative international/$8.6M global
the black phone (UNI): $686K international weekend (75 markets); $68M cumulative international/$157.2M global
* Indicates new

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