King Carlos III addresses the nation for the first time after the death of Queen Elizabeth II

King Carlos III addresses the nation for the first time after the death of Queen Elizabeth II

The newly appointed King Charles III addressed the nation for the first time following the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II. During his speech, King Charles III called his mother’s historic reign “a life well lived,” while stating that he will now formally assume his new role as king of the monarchy.

during his almost 10 minute speechKing Charles III (formerly Prince Charles of Wales) spoke at length about Queen Elizabeth’s passing and what it meant for the royal family and the nation:

“Today I speak to you with feelings of deep pain. Throughout her life, Her Majesty the Queen, my beloved Mother, was an inspiration and an example to me and my entire family, and we owe her the deepest debt a family can owe their mother. ; for her love, affection, guidance, understanding and example of her. Queen Elizabeth was a life well lived; a promise with destiny fulfilled and she grieves more deeply at her passing. That promise of lifelong service I renew to all of you today.

Along with the personal pain felt by all my family, we also share with many of you in the UK, in every country where the Queen has been Head of State, in the Commonwealth and around the world, a deep sense of gratitude for the more than seventy years in which my Mother, as Queen, served the peoples of so many nations”.

Elsewhere during his national address, King Charles III also acknowledged his new role as king and the changes that will come as he ascends the throne:

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“I also solemnly pledge myself now, for the remaining time that God grants me, to uphold constitutional principles at the heart of our nation. And wherever you live in the United Kingdom, or in Kingdoms and territories around the world, and whatever your background or beliefs, I will endeavor to serve you with loyalty, respect and love, as I have throughout my life.

Of course, my life will change as I take on my new responsibilities. It will no longer be possible for me to devote as much of my time and energy to the charities and issues that matter so much to me. But I know that this important work will continue in the trusted hands of others. This is also a time of change for my family.”

King Charles III took the time to highlight that his heir, eldest son Prince William, will now assume his previous title as Prince of Wales, along with William’s wife, Cate, who is now Princess of Wales. He also sent his love to his youngest son Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle.

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