Lil Kim Slams 50 Cent After Accusations Of Insulting Nicki Minaj's Son

Lil Kim Slams 50 Cent After Accusations Of Insulting Nicki Minaj’s Son

50 cents Better take it easy with Mama Kim! The iconic rapper once again proved that she has no problem dragging him down for filth if need be. On Thursday, 50 Cent accused lil kim to insult Nicki MinajPapa Bear’s little son.

But he didn’t give up there. 50 also uploaded a comparison picture between Lil Kim and a white owl and badmouthed her daughter’s eye condition.

“QGTM @nickiminaj you better turn his ass on I’m looking. She said something about the baby [shrug shoulders emoticon] her baby eye got screwed up [silly face emoticon] LOL,” 50 Cent wrote in the caption of the post.

Some time after he posted the instigating swipe, Lil Kim jumped into his comments section with a few words.

“Now look at what God does with his life,” Kim commented.

Lil Kim denies Verse was about Nicki’s son

50 Cent’s claims came after the release of Megan Thee Stallion’s remix for Plan B with Lil Kim. The New York artist teased a female collaboration on August 13 with a cropped image of her arm linked with another woman’s arm. On Wednesday, the full image surfaced online, confirming some speculation that the collaboration was with Megan.

By Thursday night, the song was out and 50 Cent assumed Lil Kim’s verse was against Nicki, hence the post. In the song, Kim raps about an ex-partner who shares that trait with family members and risks passing it on to her child.

“Iono, who needs to hear this, but you are an ab***h. Your father is ab***h, your brother is ab***h, keep acting like that, and your son will be ab***h. They think they are users but they are useless…” Kim rapped.

After speaking out in 50 Cent’s comments section, Lil Kim took to her Instagram story to deny his claims.

“I never said a word about anyone’s son… please feel free to listen to the song where we were clearly talking about an EX. Trying to twist my words to have an excuse to criticize my son is disgusting,” Kim wrote. “I am one of the most disrespected legends in the game, but what you will not do is come for MY SON.”

Lil Kim Says 50 Cent Created A False Narrative, Pleads Cuban Link To Reconsider Dating Him

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So Kim took things up a notch and started coming right at 50’s neck. He called out the executive producer about creating a false narrative.

“I still can’t believe they can’t see through the lame, embarrassing, ugly, narcissistic tactics of the ’50s… they still fall for that sh*t,” Kim wrote. She created this whole false narrative to cause drama and confusion because the girl she loved was getting too much attention.”

Later, Kim turned to 50 Cent’s baby cuban link and congratulated her while encouraging her to leave the artist.

“@cuban_link you are a beautiful, sophisticated and intelligent woman, but being with someone who openly and comfortably attacks children is a bad image. Get out while you can girl,” Kim wrote. “Anyone who knows me knows that even if you are my enemy, I would never say anything about anyone’s child. Children are off limits!

Kim says 50 can relate to the verse because it’s about “B***h A** N***as”

Kim put even more pressure on 50 Cent’s neck mercilessly in another slap on Instagram Story.

“It’s so crazy how a song about b***ha**n****s can touch the soul of an ab***hns so deeply that it results in attacking a child,” Kim said. “Oh yeah, it’s official to say… I AM THAT B***H! Okayyy 50 you got me! The song was about YOU!”

While this was going on, Nicki appeared to be involved with Queen Radio and premiering the “queen mix” of her hit song. Super weird girl.

The song was released at 3 a.m. ET and featured JT, BIA, katie has bandz, akbar V, Y malibu miitch. Earlier Friday, the track debuted at number one on US iTunes.

But nearly two hours after the release, Nicki apparently compared coverage of Lil Kim and 50 Cent’s exchange to coverage of his new remix.

“Notice how they posted only about *** bulls. S/O to everyone who supports the song and to the women who joined. They’re not campaigning for us, chi. We have to get him out of the mud,” Nicki said.

One of Nicki’s fans added to her tweet, saying that the positive content “isn’t seen or heard, but as soon as the drama or silliness happens, the whole [clown emoticon] come in droves,” user @JORDANJSTL.

“Female rap drive only when their pets can benefit from it. LOL. Other than that, let’s act like we don’t see it,” Nicki tweeted.

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