Lyfe Jennings Opens Up About Meeting Serial Killer Jeffrey Dahmer

Lyfe Jennings Opens Up About Meeting Serial Killer Jeffrey Dahmer

Lyfe Jennings is all the rage after she shared a story on Sunday about her time incarcerated in the same prison as Jeffrey Dahmer. Ever since Netflix released the limited series ‘Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story’ everyone has been talking about the serial killer. Earlier today, Lyfe shared a message for critics who didn’t believe her story. On Instagram, the ‘Must Be Nice’ singer shared a screenshot of an article detailing that Jeffrey was housed at the Lorain Correctional Institution in Grafton, Ohio.

Lyfe, a Toledo, Ohio native, captioned the post,

“But something happened with the transport, which is normal, so he stayed longer in max. But he never came to Ohio, did he? Lol no one has to lie to all of you still playing R. Kelly at your kids pool party but you’re mad at me smh.”

The singer also shared another video addressing critical people.


As we previously reported on Sunday, Lyfe shared a series of videos on Instagram recalling Jeffrey asking her to sing. According to CBS Newsthis was during his ten years in prison for a 1992 arson conviction in Ohio.

In a video, Lyfe explained about her interaction with the serial killer saying:

“One day in particular, Jeffery said, ‘is that you singing?’ He said I like R&B, and you’ll never guess what song he asked me if he knew, “Breakin My Heart (Pretty Brown Eyes)” by Mint Condition.


“I’m not saying, Homie is a celebrity or anything, I’m just telling you my experience.”

Roommates, what do you think about Lyfe’s story?

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