Mariah Carey Talks To Meghan Markle About Being A 'Diva' On Podcast – Hollywood Life

Mariah Carey Talks To Meghan Markle About Being A ‘Diva’ On Podcast – Hollywood Life

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Mariah Carey has been labeled a “diva” for much of her career, and she talked about wearing that title with pride during an appearance on meghan markle’s archetypes podcast for Tuesday, August 30. When Meghan, 40, asked Mariah, 53, if she considered being called a diva a “compliment or criticism”, the singer replied that she thought she was “both”. She explained the duality that she is a good thing and a bad thing. “People take it as a compliment now, some people, and then some people take it as, ‘Oh, she’s a diva,'” she said on the podcast.

Mariah explained that she understood the origins of the word diva, which can be found in the realm of opera, because her mother was an opera singer. “I know the origin of the word, but then I know growing up, like I said, my mom would say, talking about a friend or something, ‘So-and-so is very much the diva.’ I didn’t know if that was bad [or] well, that’s how she talked,” he said. “It is very much the greatness of everything I imagined.”

Although she initially saw the term as an endearing display of “glamour”, she explained that the term has come to have a potentially negative connotation. “As things evolved in the past, whatever, 20 years, I don’t know the numbers, she became: a diva to me, they mean, you’re a successful woman by and large,” she explained. “It’s not right for you to be a boss. It’s not right for you to be a strong woman. You should be tiny.

Mariah told Meghan about her relationship with the diva title on the podcast. (MediaPunch/Shutterstock)

Meghan also asked Mariah if she plays at being labeled a diva, occasionally as a “defense mechanism,” and the singer agreed, but also revealed that she occasionally does it “for a laugh,” before the two opened up about the Mariah’s iconic appearance in MTV cribs. Towards the end of the talk, she said that part of the reason she has been labeled a diva was her fashion sense and “glamorous” outfits. “The diva thing evolved and continues to evolve, and I play with that. It’s for laughs,” she said. “I wear this because I like the way she looks. I don’t mind.”

When the “We Belong Together” singer talked about how the term has changed, she explained that the word “diva” has become a much more informal term in recent years. “It’s so overused now. Like, ‘she’s the cupcake diva!’ I think they use it as a throwaway adjective,” she said.

Meghan’s podcast focuses on “archetypes” who are often assigned to different women, as the title suggests, and talks to famous women who have often been assigned different labels by the public. In addition to talking about being called a “diva,” Mariah also talked about her upbringing and her early career in the interview. Part of why she understood the duality of being called a diva, she attributed to her mother. “I grew up with a real diva,” she joked.

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