Milli Vanilli's Upcoming Biopic 'Girl You Know It's True' Will Take An In-Depth Look At The '80s Pop Duo's Controversial Career

Milli Vanilli’s Upcoming Biopic ‘Girl You Know It’s True’ Will Take An In-Depth Look At The ’80s Pop Duo’s Controversial Career

One of the most scandalous moments in music history is finally getting the Hollywood treatment, as a biopic about the controversial career of ’80s pop duo Milli Vanilli is officially in the works. ‘Girl You Know It’s True’ will take an in-depth look at the meteoric rise and infamous fall of German pop group Milli Vanilli, who were involved in a lip-syncing scandal that rocked the music industry.

According to @HollywoodReporter, after a series of false starts, the highly anticipated biopic about Milli Vanilli’s controversial career is currently in production—and the first images of the actors playing group members Fabrice Morvan and the late Robert Pilatus have just been released. Named after the group’s 1989 success, ‘Girl You Know It’s True’ is said to unravel the events surrounding the formation of Milli Vanilli, specifically the group’s massive success and eventual disgrace after it was discovered that they lip synced. with his entire album. , resulting in the revocation of his 1990 Grammy Award for Best New Artist.

Elan Ben Ali and Tijan Njie will play Fabrice Morvan and Robert Pilatus, the fake group that was created by music producer Frank Farian. Screenwriter Simon Verhoeven discussed the upcoming film and what he hopes audiences will take away from the project. “Not only does it tell the spectacular rise of two underdogs to the zenith of show business in one summer, but it also offers a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at that illusory world of fame and its sometimes tragic and unscrupulous machinations. Personally, I think Rob and Fab did not deserve to be the only scapegoats in this scandal.”

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Almost instantly, Milli Vanilli was shut out of the music industry and became a running joke, as both Fabrice Morvan and Robert Pilatus attempted unsuccessful comebacks, and in 1998 Pilatus was found dead of a suspected drug and alcohol overdose. ‘Girl You Know It’s True’ is still in production and is expected to finish filming in December.

Associate producers on the film include Jasmin Davis, daughter of the late John Davis, and Brad Howell, who are the actual voices of Milli Vanilli. Carmen Pilatus, sister of the late Rob Pilatus, former Milli Vanilli assistant Todd Headlee.

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