Monarch's Joshua Sasse Teases Shania Twain's Guest Appearance

Monarch’s Joshua Sasse Teases Shania Twain’s Guest Appearance

It was all an out-of-body experience for Sasse.

“My character calls her Shania and she’s there in all her finery,” he said. “I don’t know if you’ll see it on camera, but I was peeing because it’s Shania Twain! And I call her Shania! I was just laughing. That’s the wonderful thing about this job. You get to be under the most extraordinary of circumstances.”

Of course, acting alongside Oscar winner Sarandon presented an entirely different challenge, namely trying not to get sucked into her aura.

“She’s so fearless,” Sasse said of her co-star. “I was palpably conscious of saturating every minutiae of that performance because it’s so nuanced. At the same time, she’s totally natural. In that moment, she’s delivering an enormous amount of information with just the tiniest inflections and movements. She’s like an intern class.” teacher.”

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