Morpheus 8 Review - An Update

Morpheus 8 Review – An Update

*I know a lot of people are waiting to hear the results of my Morpheus 8 treatment (radiofrequency and microneedling), so I thought I’d give a quick update. The story is not finished yet, I don’t think so.

Morpheus 8 Review

The result is that it hasn’t really worked for me. After two sessions at The Skin Clinic about 8 weeks apart (I started in March and had my second treatment in early May), there was a fleeting fortnight where I really got a result in terms of smoothing and wrinkle reduction. One of the things that bothered me was that I had lost some weight and the skin on my neck was sagging a bit and itchy. So it seemed like the perfect time to put Morpheus 8 to the test to see what it could do. I try not to choose treatments solely for ‘anti-aging’ purposes because it’s a slippery slope and much easier to accept. But I realize that’s what Morpheus 8 is really about, and what a lot of people want it for. I love my skin right now – I’m 57 and I really think it’s fine.

Morpheus 8 Review

After the second treatment at The Skin Clinic I began to see some differences in the texture of my neck skin – there was a fleeting fortnight where I was very impressed and then for no reason the results reversed and I was back as I was. Which is also fine, obviously, but this is quite a painful treatment and I’m a little disappointed that there is no benefit for that pain. I must clarify that The Cosmetic Skin Clinic is just as disappointed and shocked as I am: it’s very unusual not to have noticeable gains, but I wonder if there is any connection to the fact that I didn’t get results with Ultherapy either. In fact, Lee, who did both of my treatments, said he wasn’t happy with the result either; they are being completely honest about the situation. I know they are talking to the manufacturers and trying to get as many answers as possible to come to some conclusion. They really are being as helpful as they can be.

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This now puts me in a quandary – many people have taken an interest in this journey and I am fully aware that necks can feel like a big deal in the aging journey. There are other treatments I could try, because creams can’t really make any difference, so I’m not even going to start with that, other than treating my neck like I treat my face in my skincare routine. I don’t mind uncomfortable treatments – Profhilo was very nice for both my face and neck, but to get the ‘raised’ look, padding (in the jaw) would also be needed. And that would repeat every three to six months as long as you can afford it. And I don’t know if I care that much or if I’m willing to promote neck treatments as desirable. I’ve even been told about a keyhole lift that doesn’t require anesthesia (I draw the line there) and it’s tempting to think I’ve started so I should finish because so many people are looking for answers.

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Anyway, here we are – I’ve turned down a third Morpheus 8 treatment because I would have had treatments over a period of almost 6 months for 18 months (if I’m lucky) of gain and I feel like that’s not acceptable (if it really is). ). worked after 3). So the story is not over – I will update again when The Cosmetic Skin Clinic has some answers or solutions. I’ve looked up the lack of response to Morpheus 8 and there really isn’t much because the internet is clogged with ads and not reviews, which I guess is why real reviews are so valuable. I would love to know your thoughts.

*For clarity, The Cosmetic Skin Clinic offered me the Morpheus 8 treatment HERE who I like and trust after having Coolsculpt there last year. They didn’t pay me for the treatment and I didn’t charge them to write about it. We have open communication and they are happy for me to be as candid as necessary in explaining how a treatment feels and how I perceive the results.

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