NASA's Artemis 1 Launch Canceled For The Second Time – Update – Deadline

NASA’s Artemis 1 Launch Canceled For The Second Time – Update – Deadline

UPDATE, SATURDAY, SEPT. 3: The unmanned space launch Artemis 1, the first step in a program to return humanity to the moon, was canceled once again this morning.

NASA officially blamed a leaking fuel line in a propellant tank for the postponement.

The spacecraft was scheduled to launch at 2:17 EST from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. A Monday delay follows. NASA will try again on Monday or Tuesday.

TO UPDATE: NASA said it will try again this Saturday to launch its Artemis mission to the moon. A planned launch for the rocket was canceled after concerns were raised about the temperature of one of its four main engines. Those concerns have now been allayed, according to multiple reports Tuesday.

PREVIOUSLY, August 29: Today’s planned launch of Artemis I has been scrapped for now, NASA says, as teams work on a problem discovered during an “engine purge” test that indicated one of the four engines failed to reach the correct temperature for takeoff.

The next launch opportunity is September 2, though it was unclear this morning if NASA would target that launch date or determine another.

PREVIOUSLY, August 25: To the moon, Alice. No, Ralph Kramden is not involved, but that is where NASA is headed, as it prepares for its long-awaited launch of Artemis 1. That is the renewable vehicle program that is the great hope for sending future manned missions to the Moon and potentially to Mars. .

To celebrate the launch of the show, which has been delayed several times due to funding issues, Emmy-winning Felix & Paul Studios plans to livestream the unmanned launch of the first vehicle on August 29 across various platforms. It will mark the first test flight of the agency’s Space Launch System (SLS) and the entire Orion spacecraft that will one day carry a manned crew. Several tests and a deployment of satellites are part of the mission before its return to earth and splashdown in the Pacific Ocean.

After this mission, Artemis 2 will make a lunar flyby with a crew, and then Artemis 3 will have a manned lunar landing, the first in five decades since the Apollo program.

Launch viewing will be in an immersive 360° format and accessible in virtual reality on Meta Quest, on Facebook 360 and in a worldwide coalition of domes and planetariums where space fans can come together for a mobile experience. Felix & Paul’s live stream will be hosted at Meta Quest in the “Venues in Horizon Worlds” area by retired NASA astronauts Karen Nyberg and Doug Hurley. The broadcast will begin at 7:33 am Eastern Time.

Facebook 360 will also host the live stream on its Space Explorers Facebook page, while Orange “Immersive Now” and LG Uplus U+Drive mobile apps will also host it. For more details on where to watch, visit

Felix & Paul Studios has previously produced the Space Explorers series.

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