Ne-Yo suggests Crystal Smith get a job, denies alimony in divorce

Ne-Yo suggests Crystal Smith get a job, denies alimony in divorce

According to her recent divorce filings, Ne Yo he doesn’t love his ex-wife, glass smithfeel too comfortable being unemployed or living in their marital home.

The singer is denying alimony to the mother of his three children after she filed for divorce on August 1 and demanded financial support as they “agreed” that she did not work during the marriage. Radar reports that Ne-Yo opposed Crystal’s request for temporary and permanent alimony along with primary custody of her children in court documents.

Crystal asks Ne-Yo to pay bills, lawyer and child support after fathering a baby

In her petition, Crystal, 36, said she “has the right to divorce [Ne-Yo] on the ground that the marriage is irretrievably broken with no hope of reconciliation.” She added, “[Ne-Yo] has committed the act of adultery.” Crystal also accused her ex of having a baby with another registered woman.

Crystal demanded temporary and permanent alimony in both child and spousal support from Ne-Yo. She told the court that she relied on the singer’s income to pay the bills, as they agreed that she would not work.

“[Crystal] ask for [Ne-Yo] be solely responsible for each and every one of the debts and obligations acquired independently by [Ne-Yo] cast [Ne-Yo] hold [Crystal] harmless for such debts or obligations,” the filing said.

Crystal’s petition also required Ne-Yo to hand over $25k to cover her legal fees. However, her estranged husband does not see this happening at all.

Ne-Yo suggests that Crystal find a job in response to the divorce petition

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In his response to Crystal’s divorce petition, Ne-Yo reportedly wants joint legal and physical custody of their three children. The outlet reported that the music producer agreed to pay child support, but scoffed at spousal support. The singer admitted to being an established professional artist, while Crystal had been “formally unemployed at times during the marriage”. Ne-Yo said that Crystal’s image and earning potential “have benefited significantly because of her personal association with Defendant and her career” of hers.

“[Crystal] Possess substantial ability to seek stable and continuing employment at this time and after the dissolution of the marriage.”

The singer also wants Crystal to pay her legal fees. Ne-Yo added that he is an “active and loving father to his children.”

“[Ne-Yo] asserts that he is financially, physically, and emotionally capable of serving as joint physical custodian of the parties’ three minor children along with the [Crystal].”

In addition, Ne-Yo demanded exclusive use of the marital home in Georgia as “he has been solely responsible for the mortgage and maintenance of this property since the date of purchase.” The singer said that he bought three properties and kept them only during the marriage.

Ne-Yo wants the judge to consider Crystal’s “failure to contribute” when the estate is divided.

Roomies, are you surprised by Ne-Yo’s divorce response?

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