'Ninja Warrior' Set Builder ATS Gear Features Original Arm – Deadline

‘Ninja Warrior’ Set Builder ATS Gear Features Original Arm – Deadline

EXCLUSIVE: ninja warrior stage builder ATS Team has put on a physical challenge show meets quiz brain vs body in development with Mark Wahlberg’s Unrealistic Ideas as it launches an original production arm.

Los Angeles-based ATS today introduced ATS Originals and a full production services arm, ATS Productions, as part of a slate of unscripted projects.

In brain vs body, contestants must use their athleticism and strength to endure intense physical challenges, while answering quiz questions for ever-increasing amounts of money. It’s on the ATS Originals development list along with shows like million dollar flopa Clean up-style competition series.

“We will bring these ideas to Mipcom and look forward to bringing them to the international market,” said Mike Woodward, vice president of development and production for ATS.

ATS Originals will primarily focus on developing quiz formats, quiz and game shows, travel docuseries and dating shows for networks and streamers around the world.

Woodward will lead the new division from the US and will oversee a UK team led by development and production executive Shayna Waldman.

ATS has been planning its move into original productions for the past several years, having made a name for itself in challenging production development, set construction and art direction services in North America, Southeast Asia, Europe and Australia in titles like american ninja warrior (NBC), The Titan Games with Dwayne Johnson USA (NBC) and Ninja Warrior UK (ITV).

The new full-service production wing will oversee every stage of ATS Originals’ upcoming projects, from pre-production to post-production, a model used in recent marketing and competition series. clash of trades.

ATS Productions will also host ATS’ online production services, which have been used in a global competition format. the bridge among other shows. The company will continue to provide this service to channels, chains and other production companies in free formats, specials and series.

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ATS Team Managing Director and Executive Vice President Danny Sanz will lead ATS Productions, with the North American arm led by Woodward.

“Each year, our team works on up to 16 original productions and co-productions, which has allowed us to form great alliances with talent and production companies over time, as well as create and present original ideas around the world,” said Sanz. “The set is an integral part of the challenge and competition shows we create, so it was no surprise when network executives came to us for our own series concepts.

“This expedited new conversations with channels around the world and for us to share our unique ideas and evolve into a full-spectrum production company with a division dedicated to engaging with our own originals.”

Woodward said “90% of the focus will be the challenge, the competition and the game show,” but added, “It’s also fun to work on exciting projects, which many may not know us for. I find talent, travel and the paranormal exciting, and Shayna in London has proven to be our master of dating and true crime.”

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