Nury Martinez publishes statement announcing his resignation

Nury Martinez publishes statement announcing his resignation

Goodbye Felicia. Los Angeles City Council President Nury Martinez resigned 24 hours after a leaked audio recording revealed that she and Councilman Kevin de León made racist comments, according to ABC 7. If you recall, a conversation from October 2021 was made public on Sunday when an anonymous user posted it on Reddit. Nury referred to Councilman Mike Bonin’s black son in Spanish as a “little monkey.” In addition to referring to his bad behavior during a parade by commenting: “This kid needs a beating.”

Nury resigned from her post this morning and, in a statement, expressed how she was “truly embarrassed”. Her statement read, “I take responsibility for what I said and there are no excuses for those comments. So sorry. I sincerely apologize to the people I hurt with my words: my colleagues, their families, especially Mike, Sean and their son.” She continued, “As someone who believes deeply in empowering communities of color, I recognize that my comments undermine that goal. In the future, reconciliation will be my priority. I have already reached out to many of my Black colleagues and other Black leaders to express my sorrow so that we can heal.”

Nury ended the statement by saying: “I apologize to my colleagues and to the residents of this city that I love so much. In the end, it’s not my apologies that matter most; will be the actions you take from this day forward. I hope you will allow me to make amends. Therefore, effective immediately, I am resigning as Speaker of the Los Angeles City Council.”

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Many people called for the resignation of Nury Martínez, Gil Cedillo and Kevin de León, including President Joe Biden. NPR reports that White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre described her actions as “unacceptable” and “appalling.” Additionally, she said that President Biden believed that all three council members should relinquish their seats.

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