NY1 Meteorologist Erick Adame Fired Over Adult Cam Website Photos – Deadline

NY1 Meteorologist Erick Adame Fired Over Adult Cam Website Photos – Deadline

Erick Adame, a meteorologist for Spectrum News NY1, said he was fired from his position after he secretly appeared on an adult cam website.

“I take this opportunity to share my truth instead of letting others control the narrative of my life,” Adame wrote in an Instagram post on Monday.

“Despite being a public figure and on television in the largest market in the country in front of millions of people five days a week for over a decade and a half, I secretly appeared on an adult cam website. On this site, I acted out my compulsive behaviors, while at home, performing on camera for other men. It was 100% agreed by both parties. I didn’t get paid for this, and it was absurd of me to think I could keep this private. However, my employer found out and I was suspended and then fired.”

Adame was fired from the media outlet at the end of last week. Spectrum News NY1 declined to comment.

In his Instagram post, Adame wrote: “First and foremost, I unequivocally apologize to my employers at Spectrum, my co-workers, my audience, my family and my friends for any embarrassment or humiliation I have caused them. You expected and deserved better from me.”

He added: “I can’t take it back, and I can’t change what I did, but I am getting the professional help I need so that I can make appropriate decisions that don’t affect those I care deeply about, as well as my career, as I move forward in my life”.

About two hours after Adame’s post, it had received nearly 1,200 likes.

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He filed suit in New York Supreme Court against Unit 4 Media Ltd. seeking the identity of an anonymous user who sent images from the site to Adame’s employer and mother. The litigation was first obtained by The Daily Beast.

Adame had been a meteorologist at NY1 since 2017, and prior to that he was at Spectrum News 1 in Syracuse, NY. He has been a part of NY1’s Emmy nominated coverage of Hurricane Ida and Tropical Storm Isaias.

Adame wrote that as a “public figure, I recognize that I have certain responsibilities that come along with the privileges that I have enjoyed. But let me be clear on one thing: I’m not apologizing for being openly gay or being sexually positive, those are gifts and I’m not ashamed of them.”

He wrote that “I had my dream job and lost it due to my own misjudgment. But I’m optimistic, and maybe naive enough to think that I can get back on TV and do this again one day.”

A source close to Adame said that he “just believes and hopes that he will get back to work.”

He also addressed a message to news directors: “those who will make the final decision on whether or not to hire me in the future: please judge me by the hundreds, thousands of hours of television that I am so proud of and that my employers always I’ve been lauded, and not for the couple of minutes of raunchy video that will probably soon define me in our ‘click bait’ culture.”

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