San Sebastián will screen 'Sparta' by Ulrich Siedl after the launch of TIFF – Deadline

San Sebastián will screen ‘Sparta’ by Ulrich Siedl after the launch of TIFF – Deadline

The San Sebastian Festival advances with the competition screening of the new film by Austrian director Ulrich Seidl Spartafollowing a report in the German magazine Der Spiegel which raised concerns about the treatment of its young cast, saying that only a court order would result in it leaving the film.

Deadline has contacted San Sebastian following the Toronto Film Festival’s decision on Friday to suspend screening of the film in light of the Der Spiegel report. It was to have been featured in TIFF’S Contemporary World Cinema section on Friday afternoon.

San Sebastián, which is celebrated from September 16 to 24, confirmed in a statement that Sparta it would make its European premiere in competition on September 18 as planned.

The statement says:

“When asked if the San Sebastian Festival is going to screen the film Sparta, by Ulrich Seidl, in its Official Competition Section, as planned, and given the accusations against its director published in the weekly Der Spiegel, the Festival management wishes to declare:

– That the Festival team assesses the films after their viewing based on their interest and quality.

– That the Festival does not have the capacity to judge how a film has been shot and if any crime has been committed during the course of filming. If someone has any evidence of a crime, he must report it to a judge.

– That only a court order would lead us to suspend a scheduled screening.”

Sparta revolves around a German man battling his penchant for pedophilia, seeking a fresh start in a Romanian backwater, where he transforms a dilapidated school into a safe haven for local children. The production features Romanian child actors between the ages of 9 and 16.

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According to Der Spiegel’s investigative report, the parents of these actors told the magazine that they had not been informed of the film’s themes and theme during the film’s shooting.

Seidl has denied that there were any irregularities during filming and has published a statement on your website by replying to the article.

“Inaccurate representations, rumors or events taken out of context on the set of SPARTA are assembled into a distorted picture that in no way corresponds to the facts. He added that “I am accused of having intentions that could not be further from the truth. I can’t let that go unchallenged,” she wrote.

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