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Sherri Shepherd Reveals Whoopi Goldberg’s Tips New Talk Show: Video – Hollywood Life

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sherri shepherdnew talk show SHERRI will premiere on September 12, and she couldn’t be more excited! In an EXCLUSIVE video interview with hollywoodlifethe 55-year-old comedian revealed that before co-hosting the viewwhich began in 2007, his former co-host Whoopi Goldberg66, gave him some solid career advice that he still follows in life.

“One of the great things I learned in the view he’s returning the favor,” Sherri said of Whoopi’s wise words in her honest and candid response. Sherri started back on the talk show circuit in 2021 when she replaced her predecessor, Wendy Williams58, in The Wendy Williams Show. Of course, she is an experienced day vet after her career in the viewwhere it started in 2007 and won a Daytime Emmy Award just two years later.

sherri shepherd
Sherri Shepherd’s New Talk Show SHERRI opens on September 12. For hours, check your local listing. (Courtesy photo)

“When I came from Los Angeles, all I had was a GAP miniskirt and a tank top. Whoopi was taking me after I went on Bill O’Reilly with that tank top and that miniskirt. Whoopi said, ‘We have to get you some clothes.’ She took me to Anne Fisher. She bought me all these clothes and they were very expensive,” Sherri told HL. “I said, ‘I can’t afford these clothes, they’re going to decline my card.’ I figured I’d pay for the clothes, return them, and get my money back. I was going through a divorce. I was just broke.”

“The sales clerk, when I gave them the card, said ‘Mrs. Goldberg paid for these clothes. I burst into tears and Whoopi hugged me, and Whoopi said, ‘Go ahead.’ Whoopi will contribute to charity and won’t even put her name on it. She will take care of people if they need something and they won’t even put her name on the check, they don’t know who that angel was, but it was Whoopi,” Sherri said of her dear friend and mentor. “Whoopi taught me to return the favor, which is what I’ve been doing my entire career.”

So how are you going to apply Whoopi’s sound advice to your talk show? SHERRI? “For this talk show, Sherri, paying for it means I’m going to show you normal people, heroes that need some exposure, I want to show you some comics that are amazing,” Sherri added. “We have the cast of characters that we always see on talk shows. I want to show them some new people with new voices and return the favor because they need exposure too. I needed it and someone is going to help them. But everything will be fine. I’m not going to put people in front of you to say, ‘who is this?’ You’re going to say, ‘WHO IS THIS?!’”

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