Sofia Wylie mocks 'Drama Bomb'

Sofia Wylie mocks ‘Drama Bomb’

Hold on to your hats, Wildcats! Sophia Wylie is preparing for High School Musical: The Musical: The Series’ the last two episodes of the third season, and fans should prepare for the love triangles to get even more complicated.

“[It’s a] drama bomb!” said Wylie, 18, exclusively. us weekly on Monday, August 29, before the final two imminent episodes, which will air on Wednesday, September 7 and Wednesday, September 14, respectively. “There’s already been a lot of drama this entire season, but I swear it turns 10 times as much.”

The show – called HSMTMTS Long story short, it made its Disney+ debut in November 2019 and is set at the now-iconic East High School Salt Lake City, the same campus where the iconic high school musical The franchise was filmed. The mockumentary-style comedy follows fictional students Ricky (Joshua Bassett), Nini (olivia rodriguez), EJ (matt cornett), Ashley (Julia Lester), Carlos (frankie rodriguez) and more as they navigate through adolescence, and the ups and downs of being a high school theater kid.

Wylie, meanwhile, plays Gina Porter, a new student who is ready to be the center of attention. Presented as an antagonist, the character does a full 180 over time, something the Andy Mack alum appreciates the role.

Sofia Wylie as Gina in ‘High School Musical: The Musical: The Series.’ Disney/Anne Marie Fox

I think my favorite part [of playing Gina] it’s how unpredictable she is, or how human she is,” the Arizona native explained to U.S. “Because as humans we are very unpredictable, and a lot of times on TV or in movies, characters can get very stereotypical because we like to put people in boxes. But in the real world, we’re all so malleable and changeable and we rise and fall.”

Change is certainly something that Wylie’s character faces in season 3 of the musical drama. In addition to taking on the leading role of Anna from Frozen – the show within the show – Gina also faces a love triangle, finding herself torn between her boyfriend EJ and her crush Ricky.

“I think Gina is confused right now. I think she’s fighting really hard to make this relationship with EJ work and that’s what she wants,” she told the shook alum revealed to U.S. “I think she’s really falling for EJ, and that’s why she gets so easily frustrated, angry or upset when she feels like he’s pulling away or distracted. Because she wants this to work, and she really cares about him.”

While Wylie said EJ is “a great guy” and is “trying his best,” the actress admitted there’s still a dynamic with 21-year-old Ricky de Bassett that leaves Gina in a tough position.

“Ricky is in a state of confusion where he is in this position that he likes a girl who is not available right now,” he explained. “And that’s where Gina was in Season 2, so she definitely now probably understands how she felt about herself.”

He added, “I think these three characters are being pulled in so many different directions and I don’t think any of them know where they’re going.”

Despite the tension on camera, Wylie revealed she couldn’t ask for two better co-stars than the “Smoke Slow” singer and Cornett, 23, noting that their different dynamics with the actors help each on-screen relationship. feel unique.

“Matt and Josh, who play those characters, are very different guys. So my dynamic as Sophia is already different with them as ourselves,” she shared. “When we start acting, that can translate sometimes. With Josh, I tend to be a bit more of a joker, but with Matt it’s a bit less. [so].”

Wylie added that she takes “different pieces of people I know” who have been in romantic relationships to “act as sweet as possible” when she stars opposite Cornett. However, for her scenes with Bassett, she focused on the “forbidden level”. flirting” and “strictly platonic banter” that occurs between them.

Wylie may have a different relationship with Cornett and Bassett, but he doesn’t hesitate to name his favorite standout moments between each character.

“My favorite Portwell moment was the scene that started it all, the scene on the couch in season 2,” he revealed. “Where EJ and Gina have that kind of heart to heart. It’s the first time we really see them being vulnerable with each other, which I thought was really beautiful. And I really loved filming that scene. I love scenes that are just human and sweet, and there isn’t a big climax in the scene or anything super dramatic. It’s like, ‘Wow, we can breathe with these characters as they breathe and relax for the first time in a long time.

As for Gina and Ricky’s best scene, Wylie didn’t have to think twice. “I love the flashback that was seen in season 2, where Gina tells Ricky that she wouldn’t give up on them if he didn’t move,” she said, revealing that the moment was actually filmed the year before, during season. 1.

“I had so much fun doing it, and then I was emotionally wrecked because it was also one of the last things we shot for Season 1, so a lot of my tears were real,” she gushed. “So while I’m telling Ricky that I wouldn’t give up on us, it was also really Sophia who said that she didn’t want to give up on any of the cast members and this whole show.”

Wylie concluded, “It was just a wonderful scene that I got to do with Joshua.”

High School Musical: The Musical: The Series airs Wednesdays on Disney+.

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