Best Stand Mixers To Make Your Kitchen Complete

Need a helping hand in the kitchen? If yes, then stand mixer would definitely be the one. Stand mixers make your task of mixing food a whole lot easy. These mixers are the kind of mixers that do not require manual effort for mixing food. All you need to do this put the food items in it and switch on the device. Your mixer will complete your task.

The advantage of stands mixers over handheld mixers is that it takes less time to mix the ingredients. Also, it blends the ingredients really well than any handheld mixers. It allows you to carry out your other operation while it mixes the food.

There are varieties of Stand mixers available out there in the market. Thus choosing the right one is not so easy. Before learning how to select your best stand mixer, let us see various tasks a stand mixer can do.

Types Of Stand Mixers

Stand mixers have their feet in each of the following tasks:

1.Planetary Mixer

The planetary mixer also called a vertical mixer, it is a multitasking stand mixer. It is so named because the mixing bowl stays stationary, while the agitator turns on offset shaft. The planets in the solar system depict the same motion, thus this mixer had its name.

Such stand mixers allow various agitator attachments to be connected. This allows you to blend a variety of things ranging from dough to puddings. Some of the planetary mixers also have a power takeoff hub with the help of which you can incorporate slicing, chopping and grinding by simply adding attachments to it. It allows you to mix food items in smaller batches, thus prevents wastage.

2.Dough Mixers

As the name speaks itself, these stand mixers become your helping hand in kneading the dough. Instead of struggling with the dough, you can go for this stand mixer to simplify your task. In such stand mixers, the agitator remains still,  while the bowl moves around it. Thus, with these hand mixers, you can knead large amounts of dough. The same bowl can be used for even small batches.

3.Vertical Cutter Mixer

These stand mixers are popular for their bulk production. It comprises of large mixing bowl with high power motor and an interior agitator. Its agitator performs a variety of functions. They do not achieve much perfection while blending batters or dough as compared with the other two stand mixers.They are designed for fast and bulk production activities like chopping off nuts, chopping for salads material and many more. The activity it performs depends upon the type of attachment configuration.

How To Select The Best Stand Mixer?

There are many stand mixers available in the market. All are good in their place but still, you can’t go and just buy them. You pay for this convenience thus you need to think about certain factors before purchasing a stand mixer.

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The first thing you need to think off is the size of the mixer you want to buy and for the purpose you want it. This will surely depend upon your requirements. A stand mixer for kneading dough would be different from that of for making batters. For daily use for mixing your food ingredients a countertop stand mixer would be perfect for you. Otherwise, if you are a bulk producer then go for a floor mixer.
The next thing you need to consider is whether the stand mixer is belt driven or gear driven. Both are designed for efficient commercial use with their respective pros and cons. Belt driven are slightly preferable as they are quite easy to repair on the damage. But if you want to avoid the risk of drive system slip then gear driven stand mixer would be your choice.

Next is the speed of the mixer. This feature varies from one mixer to another. Before buying a stand mixer do check whether their speed is enough for your task to be completed or not. Some stand mixers also allow for the change in their speed depending on the type of operations. So if you are a multi-tasker than go for such stand mixers.

Last but not least is you need to see how you can lift the bowl of the stand mixers. It can be a manual bowl lift, or an electric bowl lift or a bowl guard. Thus depending upon your suitability choose the desired type for ease of use.

Best Stand Mixers

The definition of best stand mixer entirely depends on your needs and requirements. However, for your help, we have sorted a list of some best stand mixers available in the market:

1. KitchenAid Artisan Tilt-Head Stand Mixer

This stand mixer is considered as overall best stand mixer available. This perfect sized stand mixer can knead up to double the size of cookie dough quite easily. Kneading a small amount of dough is super easy for this stand mixer. It is a versatile stand mixer accompanied with 15 attachments for a variety of tasks. Because of the popularity of the brand, third-party accessories are also available for use.
This stand mixer goes well with your kitchen interiors as it is available in a variety of colors. The tilt head provides convenience for changing the agitator depending upon the purpose. This stand mixer is accompanied with a 5-quart bowl, a dough hook, wire whisk, a flat beater and pouring shield all in one package.

KitchenAid KSM150PSER Artisan Tilt-Head Stand Mixer with...
  • 10-speed slide control ranges from a very fast whip to a very slow stir
  • Includes Flat Beater, Dough Hook and Wire Whip
  • Power Hub for Additional Attachments,Volts- 120
  • Unique Mixing Action. Hub cover - non-hinged
  • Assembled with Pride in Greenville, Ohio

2. Aicok Stand Mixer

If you are a beginner then this stand mixer is just for you. The dough kneading process is much easier with its double dough hooks. You can use this stand mixer at 6 different speeds according to your purpose. This speed variation also makes kneading heavy dough simpler. The entire package comprises of double dough hook, 5-quart bowl for mixing, a whisk attachment, a beater, and a splash guard. The bowl is attached with a handle which makes the cleaning of bowl easier.

  • Double dough hook makes the task easier.
  • 6-speed operation.
  • Provides 2 years of 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • Quite louder during operation.
  • Attachments need to be washed through hands only.

3.Breville Scraper Mixer Pro Stand Mixer

When versatility is talked about in stand mixers, the name of this stand mixer is one of them. The stand mixers can be operated in 12 different speeds. This provides great convenience to the users for carrying out their task. A nice feature of this stand mixer that will attract you is its 10-minute timer with automatic off function. Along with this with the use of load sensing technology, it protects the motor from being overused and damaged.
It ensures a complete mix of all the ingredients through its scraper beater. The scraper beater neatly removes everything from the bottom and sides of the bowl for a complete mix of ingredients. The complete package comprises of a scraper paddle, a dough hook, a pouring shield, and a wire whip. It makes use of 2 LED lights. One LED is for indicating the speed and the other is for the timer.

  • Scraper paddle mixes ingredients efficiently.
  • 12-speed operation.
  • Supports Auto-off function.
  • Available in 3 colors.
  • Some users complained about smoking within 2 weeks of operation.
  • Maybe pricey for some users.
Breville BEM800XL Scraper Mixer Pro 5-Quart Die-Cast Stand...
  • Planetary Mixing Action
  • Load Sensing Technology with Motor Protection
  • 12 Speed Electronic Control
  • 10 Minute timer with Auto-Off
  • Lift Assist Mixer Head

4.Hamilton Beach Stand Mixer

This is one of the kinds of planetary mixers with 6 speeds of operation. Along with these 6 speeds of operation, it provides you gentle mixing through a special fold option. This mixer is best suited for baking purpose with its 3 ½ quarts of the bowl. The bowl is attached with a handle that enables the bowl to be taken off easily. The bowl gets locked during operation which prevents any kind of wastage of food. The entire pack comprises of a splash guard, a flat beater, a dough hook, and a whisk.

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  • 6 speed of operation.

  • Best suited for baking purposes.
  • Attachments and bowl can be washed by a dishwasher.

Hamilton Beach 6 Speed Electric Stand Mixer with Stainless...
  • Same Mixing Action as Kitchenaid Mixers*. Planetary Mixing Action Rotates the Beaters Around the 3. 5 Quart, Stainless Steel Bowl, for Even and Complete Bowl Coverage. No Scraping Necessary.
  • Baking With Ease: Effortlessly MIX Thick Batters and Doughs Like Breads, Cookies and More With a Powerful, 300w Motor.
  • 6 Speeds With Fold Setting: Six Speeds Let You Go From a Slow Stir to a Fast Whip, With Precise Control at Each Level. Plus, a Special Fold Setting Lets You Gently Add Ingredients Without Over-Mixing.
  • Tilt-Up Head: Provides Optimal Bowl Access to Easily Add Ingredients and Quickly Change Attachments.
  • Mixing Versatility: Includes Dough Hook, Whisk and Flat Beater. All Three Attachments Are Dishwasher-Safe.

5.KitchenAid Commercial 8-Qt Bowl Lift NFS Stand Mixer

This commercial stand mixer is for you if you are interested in bulk production. It can handle up to 14 cups of flour at a time. It can knead the tough dough very easily through its high powered motor. It can operate in 10 speeds providing you the convenience to work at your own speed. The attachment hub of the mixer can work with all KitchenAid attachments very easily. The entire package comprises of wire whip, one flat beater, and a spiral dough hook. These all attachments are made up of stainless steel, thus you can easily wash them up with dishwasher.

  • Suited for huge production.

  • 10 speeds of operation.
  • Dishwasher safe.

  • Not available in much colors.

  • For some users, it stopped working after 6 months.
  • For some users warranty didn’t work as promised.

KitchenAid KSM8990DP 8-Quart Commercial Countertop Mixer,...
  • Dark Pewter body
  • Mixer includes bowl, whisk, flat beater, and dough hook
  • 10 speeds with 0.44 HP to bowl
  • Bowl lift perfect for heavy recipes
  • Stainless steel bowl with handle

6.Sunbeam Heritage Series Stand Mixer

Sunbeam mixers are one of the popular names among the stand mixers manufacturing companies. It provides you with 12 speeds of operation for your convenience. The bowl in this stand mixer is offset, thus you can easily add ingredients while the blending is being carried out. This stand mixer provides you with three different mixing actions. This is enabled through 2 separate beaters that spin independently. Along with this the bowl also spins during operation.
It comes with 2 bowls, thus you can easily switch between them whenever you require more than 1 bowl for operation. The package consists of chrome beaters, whisks, and dough hooks. It is also available in multiple colors to suit your kitchen interiors.

  • 12 speed of operation.

  • Provides with 2 bowls for convenience.
  • Provides three mixing actions.

  • Not much powerful in compared to other stand mixers.

  • May struggle in some recipes.

Sunbeam FPSBSM21MK Heritage Series Stand Mixer, Black
  • 350 Watt Motor
  • 12-speed control
  • Includes: stand mixer, 1 mixing bowl, 1 set of chrome beaters, 1 set of dough hooks
  • Built on the tradition of lasting quality and performance
  • Die-cast metal construction

7. KitchenAid Artisan Miniseries Tilt-Head Stand Mixer

This stand mixer from KitchenAid is best suitable for small spaces. It is much lighter and smaller than other stand mixers provided by the company. Its hob attachment can connect to various attachments like pasta roller, grater and many more. With the tilt head design, you can easily handle the bowl and change the beaters. It provides 10 different speed of operation for user convenience. The package comprises a coated dough hook, wire whip, and a flat beater.

  • 10 speed of operation.

  • Suitable for mixing things in small portions.
  • Available in 10 colors.

  • Beaters and bowls cannot be interchanged with other models.

  • Some users had experience at its very first use.

KitchenAid KSM3311XHT Artisan Mini Series Tilt-Head Stand...
  • 25% lighter, 20% smaller footprint (compared with KitchenAid Classic Stand Mixer)
  • Compatible with all attachments. Excludes bowls and beaters.
  • The tilt-head design allows clear access to the bowl and attached beater or accessory so you can easily add ingredients for a recipe. Locking the head into place during operation keeps the beater-to-bowl contact close and efficient.
  • With colors from bold to understated, there's a Mini to match both your kitchen and your style
  • Powerful enough for nearly any task or recipe, whether you’re stirring wet and dry ingredients together, kneading bread dough or whipping cream.

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