Substitute primary teacher fired after controversial tweets

Substitute primary teacher fired after controversial tweets

A Maryland The substitute teacher was fired after controversial tweets of hers appeared, in which she told her classmates: “Black women raising children (that) stop allowing their children to acquire feminine traits”, among other controversial social media posts. .

The teacher, who is black and was identified on social media as Bianca Robinson, also tweeted Thursday that “kids need to be bullied” from her Twitter account @mostly_hated, FOX 5reports Stephanie Ramirez.

Substitute Black Elementary School Teacher Fired Over Controversial Tweets

“Black women raising children, please stop allowing your children to acquire feminine traits. I have the best boys in my class! I know you’ll have some men somewhere. This shit is getting ridiculous!” one of the controversial tweets was read.

He went on to tweet that “kids need to be bullied because bullying doesn’t stop in childhood. How will they be prepared for an adult bully? Robinson was also criticized for what appeared to be blatant homophobia when she wrote that she was “fed up with schools hiring flamboyant gay men.”

“Third day of school and I already made another kid cry,” read another tweet of his. “These fifth graders never had a neighborhood teacher, from what I see. They will not speak to me in any way. I will gather a child quickly and respectfully and still make him cry.”

He had initially deleted the tweet, however screenshots were later distributed online. His account was no longer active as of Tuesday.

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Robinson was a substitute teacher at District Heights Elementary School, however she has since been removed from her position after angry parents brought the tweets to the school’s human resources, as well as to the attention of Superintendent Kasandra G. Lassiter.

Critics criticize the teacher’s tweets, calling her thinking “harmful” and “unnecessary”

While many parents were horrified by the comments, others took to Twitter to defend the Prince George’s County educator.

“She could have said something like, put them on tutoring shows or something, but for her to say something like that, it’s just outrageous,” mother Gabrielle Hill told FOX 5.

“Why do they defend her and she talks like that? 🤢🤢🤢,” one person wrote on social media.

“The mentality is what is harmful. She described the boys with the term ‘b****est’ because they have ‘feminine’ features.

Using misogyny as a weapon against growing children is harmful,” noted one critic.

“If I checked social media I would swear that nurses, therapists and teachers are some of the most evil and/or stupid people in the world,” one commenter tweeted. “This is not the necessary mindset. We’ll make sure you’re not working with ANYONE’s child. Period,” tweeted another.

“You need to stop making excuses for these women to have a hard day, don’t excuse what she said,” said a third.

Others on social media showed their support for the fired substitute teacher, with supporters calling for free speech.

Others really showed support for her. “You guys are out there trying to get people fired,” one supporter wrote.

“Where is it and do you have a Cashapp that we can donate to?” one person commented. “Are we talking about divine feminine traits, right brain traits? Because men have divine feminine energy within them,” wrote another.

“Um, @mostly_hated should be most commended for telling the truth!” @laire tweeted along with the hashtag #BlackTwitter.

“Freedom of expression?” a third opined. “I don’t like what she said, but trying to get fired for a tweet?”

“We crush the cuteness of children and anyone born male and then wonder why they are lovers, parents, friends, etc. so harsh, all because of an imaginary gender binary that serves no one.”

What say you Roomies? Should Robinson be fired? Or does free speech protect you from tweeting controversial material?

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