Succession's Brian Cox calls HBO the 'Gestapo' for this reason

Succession’s Brian Cox calls HBO the ‘Gestapo’ for this reason

Brian Cox can crack the whip as Waystar Royco CEO Logan Roy on HBO Successionbut in real life, the actor is at the mercy of his bosses, like everyone else.

“The Gestapo element of HBO is present,” he said. during his talk on August 25 at the Edinburgh Television Festival, telling journalists not to ask about the future of the hit show. “They don’t want me to talk about Succession.”

Still, Cox managed to reveal some behind-the-scenes details of the Emmy-winning show, sharing that the actors only receive their scripts two days before shooting, though she wished she had more time to sit down with them.

“Getting a script is like getting gold,” he said. “I like to learn the lines.”

Cox also said that he pushed for his character to be Scottish, which Succession showrunner Jesse Armstrong initially resisted. So, it was a shock when she relented and agreed that Logan is from Dundee, Cox’s hometown. (On the change, the actor said, “That’s fucking writers for you.”)

the Brave Heart The actor even commented that he shared the lonely similarity between himself and the patriarch Roy, saying the two would share a “deep disappointment in the human experiment.” However, he added that if the two met in real life, Logan would probably “hate” him and think, “I wish Brian Cox would just shut up.”

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