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Best Tan Removal Cream in USA 2022

Removing tans is the most popular issue for the people who travel outside. Tan Can be removed easily at home with just simple steps.  But still a lot of people struggle to know how to remove tan from the skin.

To Remove natural tan here are homemade tips for all. Tan Can Be the effect of sun tan or the water tan, both results in reducing skin tone color. The heat of the sun is not the only reason which causes tan there are some other reasons which can cause skin blackening.

Suntans are mostly due to exposure of skin, to the ultraviolet rays of the sun. This changes the pigment of the skin to a darker color called skin tan. Removing tan at home is a simple process but cannot happen overnight. There are other methods also which can help in removing tanning quickly. Using the tan removal cream can also help in removing tan quickly. This is because when the skin renews itself the tan fades away.

There are many methods for removing tanning. This includes using tan removal cream, natural tan removal through homemade masks, exfoliation of the skin etc. Choosing a method for tan removal can be confusing. For your help, we have mentioned here some of the homemade techniques for natural tan removal. We have also mentioned some of the best tan removal creams available online. You can choose either of the ways for removing tanning.

How to get rid of a tan fast?

  • Take about 5 tsp of olive oil in plastic or glassware, cut a lemon half, and leave it inside that bowl for 5 days and place it in sunlight. After 5 days filter that mixture in a bottle and use it every day, 1 hr. before taking a bath.
  • Don’t put a scarf on your skin tightly, as it will pause the blood flow in that area causing tan and skin blacking.
  • Take Care of the amount of spicy/sour food you eat every day, more spicy food cause blood acidic causing skin blacking.
  • Deficiency Of Vitamin and Iron also causes skin tan and body blacking.
  • Don’t spend more than 15 minutes at a time in the kitchen, as heat also causes skin blacking and tan on face.
  • Try to take natural air as much as possible, don’t sit at home, as homes with no ventilation produce a kind of fungus element which also causes tan.
  • Walls having efflorescence (SEELAN) at home also produces chemicals that produce tan and cause skin blacking. It is recommended to avoid having walls having efflorescence.
  • Extreme Tension also causes D-Tan.
  • Massage Your Body Every week once a day with cream or oil to provide nourishment, and rub with a wet towel after one hr. of massage it will remove D-Tan.
  • Don’t visit outside in sunlight on that day at least for 3-4 hrs.

Other ways you can use is to use any tan removal cream

How to get rid of tan naturally?

With these home remedies of removing tanning can be a fun process. You can get rid of tan with 5 tan removal home remedies mentioned below:

Honey and lemon juice for removing tanning

Lemon juice is known to have many bleaching properties. With these properties, you can quickly get rid of tan. It is also used in many sun tan removal products. To use this mix, you need fresh lemon juice and honey. Mix both the ingredients and apply it on your skin. Let it rest on your face for 30 minutes and then wash it. For better tan removal you can even add some sugar to this mix and then use it as a scrub on your face. This would help you remove all dead skin cells from the face resulting in removing tanning.

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Use cucumber extract for removing sun tan

Cucumber extract is an excellent way of removing sun tan from the face. The cooling effect of cucumber extract helps in easy tan removal. For this, you need to shred a cucumber. Squeeze the shredded cucumber to take out its juice. Apply the juice to your skin using a cotton ball. Let the juice dry on the face and then wash it. For more benefits, you also can add some drops of lemon juice to it.

Potato juice to get rid of suntan

Potato juice is a great way for reducing dark circles present near eyes. It is also popular as a potent bleaching agent. Thus, its properties can be used for removing tan. All you need is the juice of raw potato. For removing tan, you can apply the juice directly to your face. You can even keep potato slices on your face. Keep the juice or slices for 10-12 minutes and then wash away.

Tomato and yogurt for sun tan removal

The antioxidants properties of tomatoes can help in brightening skin. Yogurt contains lactic acid that is known for softening the skin. You can use the mixture of these two ingredients for removing tanning. Blend a raw tomato without skin and mix it with 1-2 tablespoon of yogurt. Apply the mixture on the face and rest it for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes wash it off.

Papaya and honey for removing tans

Papaya has many exfoliating and bleaching properties. This helps remove tans. There are many benefits of honey for the skin. This includes moisturizing properties, skin-soothing properties, and numerous antioxidants. Antioxidants can help remove free radicals from your skin. For having these benefits, you need 4-5 cubes for ripe papaya and one teaspoon of honey. Mash the papaya with the help of a fork and mix honey with it. Apply the smooth paste to your skin for removing tan. Dry it and wash after 20-30 minutes.

How to remove sun tan quickly?

There are many popular methods for removing tan. All remedies take time for removing tanning. You can instantly remove tan be trying the following tips at home:

  • Cut a fresh lemon and rub it on your tanned skin. Let it rest for a few minutes and then wash it with water.
  • Use rose water, lemon juice, and cucumber extract for removing tan. Mix all the ingredients and apply generously on tanned skin.
  • Mix some amount of turmeric, rose water, 2 tablespoons of Bengal gram flour, and milk. Apply the paste on tanned skin and leave it for 15-20 minutes.
  • Mix paste of soaked masoor dal, aloe extract, and tomato paste. Apply the mixture to the tanned area of the skin and let it rest for 30 minutes. Wash the paste after 30 minutes.
  • Mix two tablespoons of oatmeal and three tablespoons of buttermilk. Apply the paste on tanned areas in a circular motion.
  • Take 5 strawberries and mash them with milk cream. Apply the paste generously on the tanned skin. Let it rest on the skin for a half hour and then wash it off.
  • Take sandalwood paste and apply on tanned skin every night before sleep. Wash it in the morning when you wake up.
  • Mix milk with a little amount of turmeric powder. Apply the mixture generously on the tanned areas and let it dry. After complete drying, you can wash the paste.
  • Mix honey and pineapple pulp altogether. Generously apply the paste on the tanned skin.
  • Use Vicks Vapor rub and apply it on tanned skin.
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Other Ways to Get Rid of Tan

You can also use the following ways to fade away tan:


Exfoliating skin can help in removing dead skin cells present on the outer layer of the skin. This process can help in fading skin tan. You can exfoliate your skin either with chemical techniques or mechanical techniques. You can choose the type of exfoliation depending on your skin type. You need to exfoliate gently regardless of the skin type. Always moisturize your skin after exfoliation.

Sun tan removal products

Tan removal products have many ingredients that have tan fading features. These products need to be applied continuously for effective results. They can help in lightening the tanned areas of skin. These sun tan removal products can be bought from either the online market or from a local store. We have mentioned some of the best tan removal products in the next section. Keep reading.

Best Tanning Removal Cream

There are lot of ways through which you can remove sun tan. Best one is to use any sun tan removal cream which will help reduce the effect of tan thus by making the skin polish.

LilyAna Naturals Retinol Cream Moisturizer

best tan removal cream

With a light and pleasant smell, this tan removal cream has no artificial fragrances and parabens. The advanced aging formula of this tan removal cream can nourish your dry skin, fade skin tan and damage, improve uneven tone, and overall appearance. It can rejuvenate and restore your skin by bringing back the beauty of your skin. It causes no flakiness or peeling of your skin. It is gentle on your skin thus you can safely use it around your eyes for fading dark circles. It is made with the best ingredients like shea butter, green tea, hyaluronic acid, jojoba oil, vitamin E, etc.

  • No added parabens
  • Gluten-free
  • Can fade scars and dark spots
  • No oil residue
  • Completely gentle on sensitive skin
  • Direct contact with eyes can create a problem
  • Must be tested for allergies before use

LilyAna Naturals Retinol Cream for Face - Made in USA,...
  • Advanced Anti-Aging. Maximum strength Retinol formula delivers lifting, brightening, and rejuvenating benefits to the skin without the dryness commonly associated with Vitamin A. Moisturizing formula features Aloe, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E, Green Tea, Shea Butter, and Jojoba Oil to nurture and hydrate while pure Retinol helps combat the five visible signs of aging: wrinkles, fine lines, uneven skin tone, rough texture, and loss of firmness.
  • High Potency Results. Infused with a carefully balanced blend of highly effective anti-aging and wrinkle-fighting actives, our nourishing retinol formula is designed to be used twice daily (AM/PM) to help improve the appearance of aging skin while revealing your complexion’s radiant, natural beauty.
  • Triple Duty Beauty Benefits. With a lightweight texture and zero residue, Retinol Cream absorbs immediately to leave skin feeling hydrated and refreshed. Gentle enough for sensitive skin, you can also safely use around the eyes for added anti-aging protection against the appearance of dark circles, puffiness, milia, and crepey skin. And, use on the backs of your hands and on the neck to help minimize sun spots and UV damage, and for noticeable firming and hydration.
  • Blemishes Be Gone. Struggling with acne or blemish-prone skin? Our powerful Vitamin A formula can help minimize the appearance of acne redness and scars, as well as smooth and soften rough or uneven skin texture and tone. Non-comedogenic, you can trust Retinol Cream to help banish active blemishes and breakouts without clogging pores or causing further irritation.
  • Clean. Natural. And Free Of. All-natural, vegan ingredients. Made in the USA, and has no artificial fragrances or colors, and is free of gluten, parabens, phthalates, SLS, SLES, and petroleum. And we never have nor ever will test on animals.


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Aadya Life Sciences Care Cream

best tan removal cream

This tan removal cream can improve your skin tone by gently exfoliating the skin. It can effectively regenerate, nourish, and cleanse your skin. It protects your skin from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sunlight. it protects your skin from premature aging and damage caused by sun rays. It is made with natural herbs like Haldi, neem, aloe vera, lemon oil, vetiver tail, tea tree oil, and many others. Before using the cream, you must make sure about the allergy to its ingredients.

  • Naturally enhances your beauty
  • Protects against premature aging
  • Protects skin from damage caused by sun rays
  • Gently exfoliates your skin for removing tanning
  • Versatile enough for curing many problems
  • May cause irritation for 2-3 days

Aadya Life Chloasma Care Cream for Hyper pigmentation,...
  • Helps with Hyper pigmentation, dark spots.
  • Minimizes stretch marks and Blemishes.
  • Improves skin tone by exfoliating skin gently.
  • Cleanses, nourishes and regenerate skin.
  • Delays skin’s premature aging.

Nature’s Lacto Tan Clear Cream

best tan removal cream

It is made with milk proteins, geranium oil, and honey. The perfect blend of these ingredients makes it a perfect tanning removal cream. It restores the natural beauty of the skin by fading epidermal suntan. This tanning removal cream can help in protecting the skin from getting damaged from harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. For removing tanning, you need to apply this cream on your face and let it rest for 10-15 minutes. Massage the cream softly on your face and then wash it with water.

  • Ideal for hot climates as well
  • Naturally restores skin fairness
  • Prevents pigmentation
  • Also enhances after facial glow
  • Costly as compared to other tan removal products

Nature's Essence Lacto Tan Clear 40 Gms
  • Remedy for Sun Tan removal with Milk and Honey.
  • Milk protein and honey enriched special tan cream helps remove the sun tan,thereby restoring the natural fairness of the skin & also preventing pigmentation due to sun.
  • Its matt effect is ideal for hot climates and the cream also helps enhance after facial glow.

Lotus Herbal White Glow Cream

best tan removal cream

It is a 3-in-1 tan removal cream that also has many skins brightening and whitening properties. For making your skin fair it has many fairness agents like grape extract, milk enzymes, and mulberry extracts. All these ingredients are great fairness agents. It helps in protecting your skin from the damage caused by harmful UV rays. It also prevents skin darkening. All these properties make it one of the best creams to remove suntan.

  • Reduces pigmentation
  • Makes skin look fairer by reducing dark spots
  • Adds a natural glow to the skin
  • Rich in antioxidants
  • Does not heal scars and blemishes

VLCC Anti-tan Facial Kit

best tan removal cream

For getting rid of a tan this is the best facial kit you can buy from VLCC. It helps in eliminating sun tan and makes your skin clear and fair. It helps in repairing the skin damage caused by the UV rays of the sun. The reason behind the effectiveness of these tan removal products is the use of ayurvedic recipes in its preparation. Within the product, you get 5 different elements. These include a face scrub, a detan gel, a detan pack, a massage cream, and a detan powder. The complete pack helps in reducing the effect of UV rays on your skin.

  • Makes your skin softer, moisturized
  • Deeply nourishes your skin
  • Reduces sun tan and lightens skin
  • Easy to use the home-facial kit
  • Gently exfoliates the skin
  • Removes dead skin cells
  • To be used by people above 18 years only
  • The effect is not long-lasting

Vlcc Anti Tan Single Facial Kit
  • anti tan
  • Leaves your skin look softer, refreshed and moisturized
  • Helps reduce the effect of UV rays on your skin

Tanwise Tan Remover

best tan removal cream

It is an effective tan remover that works well for fingers and palms. It helps in removing self-tanning products. It takes one hour after the application to work effectively. For removing tan, you can gently scrub your skin with this cream. With this tan remover say no to uneven areas and streaks.

  • Effective sun tan removal cream
  • Works well for hand and fingers
  • Needs to be kept for one hour after application

Neutrogena Sunless Tanning Lotion

best tan removal cream

With this sunless tanning lotion, you can have a healthy-looking glow. It helps in adding a natural-looking color to your skin. You can control the shade of your skin by applying the desired amount of the cream. It is lightweight and allows you to have a sheer color with a fresh scent. It requires just 5 minutes for drying after application. It provides you with a sunless tan for about 2-4 hours of application.

  • Easy to apply
  • Takes just 5-mins for complete drying
  • Streak-free
  • Can be sometimes itchy

Neutrogena Build-A-Tan Gradual Sunless Tanning Lotion,...
  • 6.7-fluid ounce of Neutrogena Build-A-Tan Gradual Sunless Tanning Body Lotion for a buildable tan you can control
  • Create a deep tan or a healthy-looking glow with this fast-drying gradual self-tanning body lotion that is clinically proven to provide natural-looking color you can control
  • Sheer sunless tanning lotion allows you to control your tan for a shade that's uniquely your own by applying more often for a deeper tan or less often for just a hint of color
  • Its gradual indoor tanning formula is lightweight and delivers sheer color with each application for a natural tan without the harmful rays of the sun
  • Featuring a light, fresh scent with a sheer color, our self-tanning body lotion dries in 5 minutes after application and develops in approximately 2 to 4 hours for a sunless tan that's easy to apply

The Bottom Line

The daily lifestyle requires exposure to the sun. long hours of exposure to the sun naturally causes tanning on your face, hands, and legs. But this does not mean you can’t have your beauty back. To help you have your glowing skin we have listed some of the best tan removal products in the above section. We hope the list will be handy for you whenever you need to remove your tan. Take care of your skin and happy shopping.

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