The best primer for brightening, blending, fixing makeup and more

The best primer for brightening, blending, fixing makeup and more

When you’ve spent time applying makeup, wouldn’t you want it to stay on all day? That is virtually impossible without using the best primer. However, this often overlooked step does more than keep makeup in place.

Why are primers such an essential step?

The best primers can now soak up excess oil and blur blemishes. They are able to camouflage the appearance of enlarged pores and smooth out bumpy skin. If you suffer from redness, there is a primer that neutralizes them. Now there are some formulations that even protect your skin from the sun’s rays.

If your only experience with primers is heavy, silicone-based formulas that cause irritating little bumps, then it’s time to get reacquainted. These days, the best primer is one that has skincare benefits that take care of your complexion. While at the same time helping your best foundation stay in place longer. Ingredients like hyaluronic acid, vitamin B3, and witch hazel extract are now common in modern primers. So you can forget about that feeling of a thick layer of something on your skin.

“Primers are an essential part of my personal makeup routine and cannot be missing from my makeup kit, as they are the first step to a flawless foundation,” says the professional makeup artist. cher webb. ‘They are a game-changing product, working in harmony with skin and foundation, blending and blending for an even complexion.

‘Primers are designed to adhere to your foundation and can provide amazing results when using the appropriate primer for your skin type. They act as an instant filter by reducing the appearance of redness and adding instant radiance and shine while blurring blemishes. ‘

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We did our research and tested many of the best primers on the market and this is our edition of the best 14.

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