The ‘Grossly Satisfying’ Foot Peel Mask With 11,000 Perfect Ratings Is 38% Off for Early Prime Day

This $16 Exfoliating Foot Mask Has a Perfect 11,000 Ratings on Amazon

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It’s peak winter, which means it’s peak season for dry, cracked feet. Ah, the joys of changing weather. However, there are some great ways to combat this: moisturizers and nourishing serums can help solve the problem. But, if you want something that truly transforms your toes, opting for a more serious treatment is the way to go. Enter: peeling foot masks.

You’ve probably heard of them, specifically the Baby Foot type. These masks are known for how well they transform feet from crunchy to smooth as can be…after a short period of peeling, that is. It’s the kind of gross, satisfying process that makes pimple-popping videos so intriguing. However, it turns out that a $16 two-pack from Amazon is getting top marks from shoppers.

Soft Touch foot peel masks deeply exfoliate your skin with natural ingredients and botanical extracts, according to the brand. The combination of ingredients removes dead skin from the feet in a matter of days and they are very easy to use. Simply place the mask on each foot and relax for an hour. Put them on during an episode of your favorite show or wear them during a movie marathon. It’s basically like bringing a spa to your bed.

Baby Pie gave me such good results and such a complete peel that I became addicted. But since then, I have tried other brands and the Bbaby Foot marks again and never had such good results as the first time. Except for now!” one five-star reviewer explained. “I used the peel on Wednesday night and by Saturday morning my foot had started to peel, revealing smoothskin without calluses.”

Courtesy of Soft Touch.

Soft Touch Exfoliating Foot Mask

Just know that when you wear these skins, you’re going to be in for a wild ride.

“This is grossly satisfying buy,” wrote one five-star reviewer. “I had some pretty awful heels that were cracked and overall pretty gross (I’ll spare you the pics)… Every single one of my heel cracks ended up peeling off and my toes look so cool and smooth (weird way to put it , But true).”

Over 11,000 buyers have rated these peels five stars, highlighting how simple and effective it is. This is something that any foot conscious person could use. It takes care of business quickly and easily, so you can have fresh, smooth skin in a matter of days.

“This foot scrub is easy a use and it works great,” wrote one reviewer. “After removing my booties and rinsing my feet, I found that my feet were so much softer than before… It makes my feet look and feel great. I highly recommend this product to anyone who has foot problems.”

Now you only have to choose between the three options in which it is presented: aloe vera, mint and tea tree. Get them all on sale for just $16 before Prime Day.

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